Posted by: Becky | August 12, 2009

A funny Adam story…

So this a.m. at swim lessons, I noticed that Adam lost a tooth while I was out of town this weekend.  I tried to ask him questions about when it happened and what the Tooth Fairy left for him  🙂 , but he was pretty evasive about the whole topic.  So finally I got him to come clean….

Adam wanted to surprise his dad by pulling his tooth out all by himself.  He got the tooth out, but then had to go to the bathroom.  He <ahem> needed both hands to go pee, so he put the tooth in the toilet and peed. (lolol)  Then, he said the tooth was “too wet” to get out of the toilet (thank GOD!!!), so he flushed it. 

He originally told me that S had helped him get it ready for the tooth fairy.  Then he started crying because he thought we’d be mad that he flushed it.  Then he cried because he thought we’d be mad about the story.  I reassured him that I wasn’t mad.  I was actually laughing hysterically inside.  What a crazy kid.  LOL

Tonight, before bed, I asked again if he wanted to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation, but he didn’t want to.  I’m thinking I might leave a couple of quarters on the toilet lid.  🙂



  1. Too funny! I’m not too sure about leaving coins on the toilet lid…he just might think that location works just as well as the more conventional ‘under the pillow’ spot. I’d leave the coins under the pillow with a note from the TF say she rec’d a special message that there had been a tooth that looked just like Adam Errotabere’s had floated over to TF Village.

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