Posted by: Becky | July 30, 2009

Busy Week

Adam’s back in swim lessons this week. Summer sessions are 3 days/week for 3 weeks.  Someone signed him for for lessons at 9am….who would have done such a thing?  🙂  We’ve done well at getting out of the house and arriving ON TIME to lessons.  Woohoooo!!! 

We’ve also enjoyed seeing some friends this week….playdates monday, tuesday, and wednesday!!!  Adam is in heaven.  Today Owen also got a haircut.  Pics to follow.

Steve’s gone on a work trip, a continuation of a project that started 2 weeks ago.  It’s difficult having him gone, but employment is a good thing.



  1. The pix are adorable as usual…can’t wait to see the them in person and oh of course you too.

  2. oh, one more thing…I have really enjoyed and appreciated your renewed dedication to the Errotapeople blog…I hope you will keep it up.

  3. Great pics of O, I miss everyone already so its good to see pics

  4. Also, the too cute not to share photo looks just like you B

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