Posted by: Becky | July 27, 2009

Movie night

Adam always gets so excited when Netflix envelopes come in the mail.  He thinks they’re for him.  Well he has gotten mvoies for him from netflix, but  mostly his movies are from tv or stuff we’ve bought.  Today I told him we could go to REDBOX (a new video rental machine near home) and get a movie just for him.   I read through the titles and he selected a Scooby Doo dvd with 4 episodes.  So funny.  I told him we would do movie night and get popcorn and have some special lemonade I’d bought at Safeway.  It’s this fancy sparkling lemonade MADE IN FRANCE.  He then wanted to know all about France and where it was.     A:  when can we go to France   Mom:  We’ll go when you’re a teen.    A:  when am I a teen?  M:  you become a teen when you turn 13 and the teen years last til 19.  A: ah man, that’s a long time to wait when you’re starting at 6.  LOL  poor kid.   He really wants to travel and see the world. 

I love that Adam wants to travel and looks forward to vacation time.  He was disappointed when I told him earlier this year that visiting Hawaii wasn’t something we do EVERY summer.  He now is torn between returning to Hawaii, checking out Mexico or the Oregon coast.  Thankfully he has a plan in place to help with our travel budget.  He is going to go on the show WipeOut  and WIN $50ooo.  He’ll use his winnings to take us to Hawaii, oh and a long-awaited trip to New York City.

Travelling with a toddler is super stressful for me, so I don’t see  us hopping on a plane with them for a long while.  It’s fun to daydream about future trips and always fun to have something to look forward to.



  1. he is quite the forward thinker isn’t he??? and with such big plans…I love it. Maybe he would like to see pictures and learn of those faraway places via his world books…whaddya think? I bet he would be able to get something from it and could probably check things out pretty much on his own. Thanks for the news of the day.

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