Posted by: Becky | July 26, 2009

Late July already????

Wow, where has the time gone?  How do I recap what we’ve done since the last post without sounding like a Billy Joel song? 

We’ve had a super fun summer so far.  I can’t believe it’s almost August.  Wow time flies!  where we’ve been? What have we been doing?  Let’s see…..

In June we were on the road a bit.  After Adam wrapped up Kindergarten, he spent some time with Gramma and Grampa.  O and I went to pick him up and met with friends at the park.  Such a great park and nice to see Kerrie and Kaden.  We also headed down to Gilroy to Jennifer and family.  They treated us to a day at Gilroy Gardens….so fun!!! Adam had a blast in their water park area.  In mid June we went to Alameda for Eli’s graduation party.  Wow hard to believe he’s already college-bound.  Way to go Eli!!!  Can’t wait to see what the college years hold for you.

July has been fun-filled.  We headed down to So Cal to celebrate the 4th with Em, Rob and the boys.  It was such a great time….good food, excellent bevs, and GREAT company.  Emily has been Juli’s friend since kindergarten (read: a loooooonnnnnggggg time!!!) and the other gals are long time friends of theirs.  Being a tag-along, I have been an honorary part of their group.  What a fun reunion with Laurie, Stacey and Tam.  Thanks for hosting us B Clan.  🙂   After their visit, we headed to Disneyland.  Adam had been twice before, but he was so young, he didn’t really remember, so it was kind of like his first time.   He had a blast riding so many of the rides.  He’s a thrill-seeker.  Owen did super great.  He’s usually an early to bed kid, but he stayed up later with us as we enjoyed the night time parades and fireworks without much of a fuss.  What a trooper.  The weekend after our return, I got to enjoy a quick overnight in SF with Jennifer.  We had a great time walking around Union Square, people watching and eating GREAT food.  It was nice for us moms to actually get to punch out from our 24/7 mom job for just a little break.  Steve started a big project in NJ that next week.   He was gone for 10 days (getting back last wed) and leaves for another stint in NJ this week.  Wish we could join him, but well cross country travel with a toddler and all his gear just doesn’t sound all that enticing. 

So adam has wanted to have a campout….”I’ve had zero campouts” he keeps saying.  So yesterday, Steve set up the tent outside.  Adam was all excited to finally have a campout.  I was the lucky parent to sleep on the ground…..let’s see how we fare.  Wasn’t sure if Adam would last out there all night.  We got settled in and Adam was quick to doze. Mom, on the other hand, was kept awake by the neighbors long-barking dog.  Then, I kept thinking about the possible critters that could come in the tent.  Let’s see, there was also some groaning/growling/horny cat outside the tent….a grouchy neighbor dog barking….and then my unsettling dreams once I was able to sleep.  I woke at sunrise and could barely get up.  The ground had taken it’s toll on my shoulder and back.  I got up and came inside to the couch and crashed.   Adam slept out there all night.  He loved it, but now wants to go on a campout “out in the woods”  We’ll see.   We definitely need a larger tent.  And the thought of Owen being contained by a tent is laughable.  Even Adam doesn’t think it is possible.  LOL 

To my facebook friends.  My account has been disabled twice.  Apparently they think I post too much, too fast, too often on my wall and my friends walls.  Apparently you can post all the mafia wars crap, results of lame quizzes and pass a buttload of drinks littering up everyone’s news feeds (ya don’t have to Publish those things folks!!!), but to actually use the board features, you know, SOCIAL NETWORKING….you get in trouble.  I hope to be back, but am a bit scared to do so.  If I get my hand slapped again, I could lose my account forever.  In the mean time, I’m keeping a low profile.  I can play games and chat…and have received/sent a few FB email messages. 

Here are some summer pics:



  1. The pictures are wonderful and as usual I enjoy your explanations of what you all have been up to.Every young family should have the terrific summer the Errotapeople have enjoyed. Thanks for sharing it with us.

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