Posted by: Becky | April 4, 2009

A busy week

Phew, so relieved to have this busy week behind us.  We’re all looking forward to an enjoyable Spring Break.

Late last week, I had a meeting with the occupational therapist that Adam meets with at school.  He’s been receiving services the last few years due to some issues with gross/fine motor and sensory sensitivities.  Things are going super (woo hoo!) so she wanted to add a therapeutic listening program that we could do at home.  She gave me cds, a disc man, and ginormous headphones.  Adam must listen to the cds twice a day for 30 min at a time.  Mostly it sounds like classical music…but there’s more to it.  He has gotten a bit irritated with the whole process as the week progressed.   I just re-read the plan and see I can change the cd.  So maybe that will help.  🙂  We’re really hopeful that he’s developing some strategies to deal with his heightened awareness of sounds that have been so upsetting to him.  There are things we want to do as a family that we’ve just been avoiding so as to not put him in an upsetting situation (ball games, farmers market w/live music, amusement parks, etc).  One thing that touched my heart this week….we’ve been seeing kids baseball teams practicing or playing games at various parks around town.  Adam has expressed an interest in seeing a game.  Finally he said this to me “mom, I have a wish….I wish we could go back to the baseball game….I won’t be scared this time.”  It just broke me up.  See, a few years ago we all headed out to a Rivercats game on Father’s Day…it is such a beautiful park and a perfect outing for dad’s day.  Well before we even got in the park, A was bothered by the PA announcements.  As we got closer, we found out it was COW BELL DAY….crap.  He  was so upset by all of the “noise”.  A lovely stadium employee saw that he was in distress and got us to first aid for ear plugs…but they didn’t fit.  Needless to say we didn’t stay for the game.  He did play in the kidszone, but we left very early on.  😦  So for him to say he wants to go back and that he won’t be scared…well it just touched my heart.  STeve and I talked about the two of them going…no big whoop-di-do…just a boy and his dad going to a game.  Will call ahead to make sure it isn’t COW BELL DAY. 

On Tuesday Owen turned 15 mos old! 🙂  He also had his well child visit and shot appt.  Poor kid, HATES the dr office.  We no sooner got into the exam room when he started SCREAMING…..waaay loud, and it continued for the rest of the visit.  I told the Dr. ‘believe it or not, this is a WELL child visit ‘…he couldn’t even hear me.  LOL  They were able to get him weighed and measured.  He continues to be an over acheiver on the growth chart.  O’s now 28.5 lbs and 33 inches long.  He’s in the 90+% for both.  🙂  Poor kid got two shots….kept screaming.  Got home and went to sleep, til I woke him to take A to school….came home and nibbled  a bit…went back to sleep til I had to p/u A at school and go to swim lessons.  UGH, not a good day to take him inside the swimming tent.  Poor kid.  After swim, I put him down again for what I thought would be a nap. at 4:15….well he ended up sleeping til 7a.m.  WOW he must have been wiped out.  Shots, crabbiness and that darn teething will do it to a kid.  Sometimes it’s tough being a toddler. 

Steve was gone this week to Colorado.  He worked long days for the client and was able to get home by Friday at lunch.  Sounds like he did a super job as he already received a glowing letter from the client.  🙂  Oh and he got to meet his boss and another colleague as they were located in the same area as this project.  Sounds like they had a nice time visiting and were happy to put faces to voices after all this time.

Oh my spring flowers are so lovely.  Even though this pesky wind keeps hammering at them, they still look lovely.  I have several different shades of tulips in bloom.  I’ll try to get a picture before they wither or blow away.  Oh that reminds me….we were outside this week and Adam started talking about my tulips.  He said, “you have red tulips, right mom?”  I said “yes, and yellow, and purple and even some that are yellow w/red.”  He said, “oh yeah….I wrote about them in my journal and drew a picture.”  GOD he is just a treasure.  🙂  I can’t wait to see that journal!!!

I’ll share some pics from the week.  I  had to take Adam’s picture while doing his listening exercises.  She said he could color, read, draw, etc.  He decided he wanted to read one of his dictionaries.  He reads the word and sample sentence on EVERY page.  Today it was the “a” section.  Owen wasn’t the happiest camper this week, but I did catch him with his feet on the table.  We’ve kind of retired his high chair at breakfast and lunch.  The boys love sitting together at the table.  O just needs to work on his manners.  LOL  He’ll be scratchin’ and burpin’ before too long.  OY!!!  Oh and I also caught Basco in a funny spot.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him moving.  I looked over and he was giving himself a bath IN the entertainment center.  LOL  Like most performers, he didn’t appreciate the flash photography. 



  1. O finally got around to catching up on the Errotapeople News Report. As usual it was both informative and very entertaining. I enjoy these updates so very much. the pictures each told a story…both boys are so expressive and it just might be rubbing off on Basco. Thanks for continuiing to share your days and weeks with us.

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