Posted by: Becky | March 30, 2009

A great day!!!

Saturday was a perfect day.  On Saturdays Steve has his gaming session for a few hours, so the boys and I got out of the house.  The weather was perfect, so we walked over to Subway for lunch.  Well, Owen and I walked….Adam RAN!  It was a perfect day for a walk.  Owen loves riding in the stroller and even didn’t mind when we stopped at the sandwich shop.  Maybe it was cuz he was hungry.  He and Adam split a $5 foot-long 😉  Owen ate half of his half…not bad for a toddler.  We headed for home to have a choc chip cookie treat.  I have found the BEST cookie recipe online  and promised Adam I would bake them while he slept for us to enjoy on the weekend. 

After our cookie treat, I put O down for his nap and headed out to the garage.  With this nice weather I was needing to find some spring/summer clothes for the little man to wear.  Thankfully we’ve kept all of A’s clothes, so I just needed to FIND the tub.  Well….there was a lot of “stuff” in the garage, so I got busy clearing and tossing stuff in the garbage.  .   Adam was excited at the chance to play outside, so while I was mucking out the garage, he played soccer and t-ball.  He’s getting quite good and hit the ball over the fence into our backyard a few times.  I was able to get rid of a bunch of stuff and Viola!!!  I found the tub of clothes.  Interestingly, Owen’s in 2T clothes about 9 mos before Adam was.  I was so grateful to find shorts and t-shirts in the tub.  SCORE!!! 

After the garage we headed to the back yard.  I’d pruned back some of my bushes/plants last week, but never got the trimmings into the greens can, so I really needed to get back there and get busy.  And with the bunny coming in two short weeks, we need to get it presentable for pictures.  😉  Adam was excited to get some backyard playtime.  The pool sure was looking nice (much improved from last week’s mosquito hatchery), so I asked Adam if he wanted to swim.  He jumped at the chance!!!  He ran inside to get his suit and goggles, ran back outside and jumped in.  It was FREEZING!!!  He played for a bit diving for his Super Friends toys, but finally had to get out with his chattering teeth.    He did love it, but boy it must have been chilly water….much colder than the 92 degrees at swim lessons. 

I’m so glad we had such a great day yesterday since today ended up being soooo blustery.  The pool is a mess with leaves and twigs, the lawn chairs bobbed along the yard all day.  While I was out today, I saw a large tree had blown down on a house.  It looks pretty bad.  I hope no one was hurt.  I hate wind…always have.  It is supposed to last through the night.  YUCK!!! 




  1. What a great surprise when I clicked on my
    errotapeope shortcut and such found such a greaupdate. Wonderful to see you guys having such a good time in the beautiful outdoors.,,can’t believe Adam has already gotten in a backyard swim! He is such a trooper. And tat Owen is something else already enjoying a Subway sandwich! As usual, the pictures are adorable. thanks for keeping us in the loop. Can’t wait to see you guys in few days. Mom/Grandma

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