Posted by: Becky | March 15, 2009

Twice in one week :)

I’m hoping to post more often, so here I am.  I even have a few pics to share from this week.  

We had a nice week and are glad to have Steve home for the weekend.  He got back from Alaska early Fri a.m. and leaves for San Antonio on Monday.  Adam sure misses his dad when he’s gone.  He told him “I missed you for 4 days.”  😦 

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes lately.  Last night I made marinated flank steak.   I came <> to having the smoke alarm(s) go off AGAIN.  While you grill the steak, you’re supposed to cook the marinade so it can be used as a dipping sauce.  Well I  had it boiling away…and then I noticed it was like molten lava and was smoking like crazy.  I ran the pot outside and opened the windows.  Thankfully it wasn’t a cold rainy day like the most recent episodes with the damn smoke alarms.  Now I’m just realizing that the pot is STILL sitting out there.  oops.  Sally homemaker I am not. 

Oh something very cool happened yesterday…. I met up with a college friend who I hadn’t seen for some 16 yrs or so.  I found her on Facebook and she and I live in the same area…well kind of.  She works near here, so we were able to meet up.  It was so great to see her.  We talked and talked and talked.  We were there for over 2 hours ’til I picked up my cell phone and checked the time.  In a panic I said “uh is this the REAL time????”  (2:51)  and Suz confirmed that it was.  We both were late getting our kids at school.  oooops  We departed without so much as a hug or photo.  I wanted to get a pic of us together.  Well next time, we will have to do just that. 

I was worried about A’s reaction to my being late.  He gets so upset being the last one…even when he’s not truly last.  I was embarrassed about being so late getting him and hoped that I hadn’t kept his teacher from starting her weekend.  ARGH, sooooo late on a FRIDAY, not good.  I got there, and A had been put to work.  He’d helped wipe off tables and stacked the chairs.  He was quite stoic when I walked in the door basically just getting after me for being so late.  The tears started once we got home.  😦  

We promised A a new bike for his birthday.   We wanted him to have a chance to pick out/sit on the bike, so we didn’t get it for him before his birthday.  When we went to TRU the night of his birthday, they were pretty picked over.  I think they hadn’t really replenished their inventory since Christmas and really how many do they need in Jan/Feb?  Well on a recent trek to Costco, I spotted some flashy red bikes ( They had some adult bikes there, too….I just may go back and get myself a bike, too). You know how things come/go quickly from Costco, well I just hoped they’d still have them in stock when S could get it.  I was there this past week and saw there were several still available, so we were in luck.  Today was bike day we all went to Costco to pick up A’s wheels!!!  We’ll have to get a training wheel kit as he’s not ready for 2 wheels just yet, but I’ve looked online and they’re available all over.   So we’ll get the boy set up so he can get riding. 

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with some special friends.  We all went through fertility treatments at the same clinic….and all ended up with babies.  We haven’t been able to get together as much since there are so many kiddies in the group, but we’re doing it tomorrow.  When we first started meeting, it was a bit depressing.  I had A and one of the girls was pg….but the rest had very little success and it all was so discouraging.  Now we have toddlers, babies, and pg mommies-to-be expecting their next child(ren).  Should be a great afternoon. 

I wanted to share some pics from the week.  One is Adam with his Leprechaun trap.  The kids in his class were asked to bring their traps by Friday.  Each kid shared their trap with the class the day it was brought in.  Adam brought his to share on Thursday.  I asked him how his friends liked his trap (of course they loved it). Then, I asked him who’s turned out the best.  He said “well, mine did!”  LOL   Oh and another picture is Adam and Buddy Bear.  Buddy is a take-home friend from kindergarten.  Adam got to bring him home earlier in the month. He has a backpack filled with clothes, books, a journal, etc.  Buddy comes to spend the night, then the family gets to journal the time spent with Buddy.  It is such a treat for the kids.  Adam loves it and is so excited when it is his day with Buddy.  We’ve had him 3 times so far.  Take note of the red jacket in the picture…we bought that for him at Target.  It’s a pet jacket.  LOL   I thought it was too cute to pass up and was in the $1 stuff section. 





  1. Praise the Lord…I have been checking your site every couple of days for the last 6 wks and decided you and given up on it…I am so happy to hear what’s going on and to enjoy the pictures…Did Adam catch a leprechaun? Bet he is looking. I love the Buddy Bear and Bike pix too…he always looks so proud. Thanks for keeping us in the loop.

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