Posted by: Becky | March 12, 2009

Been a while

Thought I’d share some pics since I haven’t posted in ages.  Will need to update on Adam’s birthday and party as well as updates on Owen and the rest of the fam.

Adam turned 6 on Feb 5th.  I picked him up from school and we headed to Starbucks for a hot chocolate treat.  Adam gets the kids hot cocoa…a bargain at $1.10.  I love the salted caramel hot choc.  Mmmm

He wanted to go to Mikuni for sushi (and to spin their birthday wheel).  We don’t really go out to dinner much as it’s a difficult time for Owen.  Well, it went great!!! 

We had his party that following weekend.  Boy was it fun.  We invited all of his classmates to a bounce house place for 2 hours of a FUN!!!  Of course Adam turned into a sweat ball almost immediately. 

Owen’s been growing like crazy.  He’s now walking, got FOUR molars, and had his first haircut.  Such a big boy.


Adam’s really doing well with swimming lessons.  He got a ribbon last week for treading water for 2 minutes. Woo hoo.  Yesterday, we did the back stroke the length of the pool.  So proud!!!  He also continues to astound us with his reading.  He is loving the encyclopedias that grampa got for  him (and owen) and is anxious to read ALL volumes COVER TO COVER.  In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve been working on a Leprechaun trap.  Of course now that we’re almost finished (waiting for glue/glitter to dry) he’s concerned that it isn’t REALLY going to work.  LOL 

Can’t believe it is already daylight savings time.  While I do enjoy the add’l daylight, it sure has been a problem with O’s naps.  He sleeps in a bit later than usual, so that delays nap time….then the running around to/from school gets in the mix and he gets like 30 min of sleep during the day.  By dinner time he’s just desperate for some crib time.  Last night when I was carrying him up to bed, he actually started clapping when we walked in his room.  He must have fallen fast asleep as when I checked up on him before I went to bed,he was still covered up. 

Steve’s on the road this week and next.  This week, up in Alaska.  I told him to ship us some crab and salmon. Mmmm  Next week it’s off to San Antonio.  Adam misses him when his dad is travelling, but he’s getting better about talking on the phone…which is nice for both parties.  🙂 

I guess that’s about it for now.  Thanks for checking in…



  1. Holy Moly…another one.Thanks for sharing. I love your stories and the pictures always make me smile. Have a good day with your boys.

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