Posted by: Becky | January 31, 2009

Funny stuff this week…

So Adam’s birthday is next week.  I have been trying to get info from him so we can make his day super special….what does he want? his response:  “mom, birthdays are supposed to be a surprise”   what kind of cake?  “mom, it’s supposed to be a surprise!”  Where do you want to go for dinner?  You guessed it…. “it’s supposed to be a surprise”  LOL  funny kid.  I finally got him to tell me WHITE CAKE (cuz vanilla’s my favorite) w. YELLOW frosting (cuz yellow’s my favorite color).  I didn’t want to lead him on ideas for dinner out…but he came up with sushi on his own.  I don’t mind…as sushi is right at the top of my list of favorite foods.  The funny thing is, while A’s tried a few different rolls….his typical dinner at sushi is edamame (soy beans) and rice with sauce (soy sauce).  He thinks it is divine….and loves his “sushi”.  I’m hoping we are able to swing it.  O’s been a bit of a crab after his afternoon naps this week. 

This week, we took the stomp rockets out to the park again. It ended up being the COLDEST afternoon all week…brrr.  Those darn rockets are sooo fun.  Even O loves them while watching from the stroller.  We set up the little launch tube at the top of the park and pointed down towards the grassy area.   I said it was cold, but it was also pretty breezy/windy.  Well the wind must have helped “launch” the rockets….one soared across the street and to the top of a neighboring house.  I swear I was peeing.  It was so funny.  Adam got upset that we lost one of the rockets.  Steve said it was “his” and that he’d no longer play for the day.  Adam was so cute trying to comfort steve “sorry you lost your rocket, dad”.   I then proceeded to launch mine across the street on the neighboring house’s lawn (this was after an attempt to take it easy).  You definitely need space for these babies. 

Owen finally got his 8th tooth this week.  I think he’s still working on molars, as he’s got maor faucet mouth. Poor kid.  When we get the pain managed, he’s quite the love.  This week while I was feeding him lunch, I was playfully winking at him.  Well he squinched (I know that isn’t a word) his little eyes closed to “wink” at me.  Such a little love bug.  Today I was talking to him when he was eating lunch.  I put my hand out to him, he grabbed it with both of his little hands and pulled it to his cheek.  It was so sweet.   The monster boy can melt mamma’s heart.  And by monster, I mean that in a nice way.  He is just sooo busy.  We have a tub between our chair and couch as a sort of gate…he will head-butt it til it budges enough to get out…then he makes a beeline to the playroom.  oh another thing he did this week:  He had a dirty diaper before naptime, so I was changing him.  I had his legs up and reached over to get the new diaper…well he reached down, grabbed the dirty one out from under his bum and swung it around.  Thankfully it wasn’t one of the “milk dud” diapers that he’s been having. OMG.  Of course he thought it was great. 

Last week I met up with some girlfriends for a fab fondue night.  It was so great!!!  I’ve known most of the gals for a while, but had gotten better acquainted with them over the last several months on FB.  It was such a great night….excellent food, drink AND company.  🙂  Tomorrow night, I’m going out with a group of ladies for a night out.  I don’t exactly know everyone that is going, but know a decent number of them.  We’re having a nice dinner with possible plans to go out for cocktails and dancing afterwards.  WoW, plans two weekends in a row???  I rarely go out with friends…we’re talking maybe a couple times/year….so this is BIG. 

No plans for “the big game”.  I’m going to make up some fondue…that’s about it.  Just can’t really get into it this year.  We’ll watch, but eh, not interested.  Would prefer a Raiders/Lions Super Bowl.  LMAO  (yes juli that was for your benefit!!!)


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