Posted by: Becky | January 31, 2009

Celebrating birthdays

We met on MLK weekend to celebrate the boys’ birthday in Los Banos.  There’s a GREAT Basque place there…the food is unbelievable.  If you leave hungry, there’s something VERY WRONG with you (or you’re 3 y/o).  We started meeting up with both sides of our family there for a special lunch.  S’s family being Basque…and my family…well being EATERS.  LMAO  Gotta love a platter of chops, tri-tip, endless bowls of the BEST beans ever, etc.  I think our first lunch there was in ’01…kind of a family deal one year before we got married.  We started doing it again to celebrate Adam’s birthday.  It’s nice to get everyone together and both families have a great time.  We didn’t do it last year as O was just itty bitty and well neither S nor I wanted anything to do with a car trip and an infant.  lol 



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