Posted by: Becky | January 16, 2009

Happy New Year….

I know, I know, we’re well into January and I’m just now posting a new entry.  Thanks to those of you that have been checking back for updates.  I’ll try to do better….honest. 

We had a GREAT Christmas and New Year holidays.  Thankfully we were finally all healthy enough to enjoy the festivities and visits with families.  Steve was off the whole school break which was nice.  NYE we celebrated little O’s first birthday.  He was a pretty good sport through the festivities, but crashed during cake.  He sampled a bit of it, and then was ready for his nap.  Turning 1 is hard work. 

Made a bit of a blunder over Christmas. We left town w/out charged camera batteries or the charger. our camera uses this funky square battery, so we couldn’t just run out to the store to stock up.  ARGH. Poor Owen getting short-changed in pictures.  My mom ended up with some really cute ones though so that’s a good thing.  We have now replaced that darn charger/battery…so you know we’ll find the original one any day now. 

Owen really loves all of his presents. He is so into toys, which is a lot of fun to watch.  He’s not walking yet, but loves to crawl around with toys in each hand and something in his mouth.  Crazy boy. 

Well the countdown to Adam’s birthday has begun.  S was hoping we’d be doing the party at the bowling alley, but A wanted the bounce house place.  They had the day/time we wanted, so we’re all set.  It should be fun with all his cute little friends from school.  He sure loves school, and I’m not surprised.  I got to work in A’s class on Wednesday.  It is so fun to help out and see what they’re doing in kinder.  Adam loves it when I work with his class.  He always tells me “you’re a great teacher, mom”  Touches my heart.  Adam’s just started participating in the accelerat ed reading program at school.  He took a placement test on the computer at school to see what his level is, then we find books at that level.  We have so  many books that I was able to level out a small tub of books for him to get started with.  We’re so proud of what a great reader he is.  He just amazes me. 

Me…well I think I’m losing my mind.  I had to make a deposit at the CU atm this afternoon.  I had my deposit ready…drove up to the machine (yeah for drive thru banking) and couldn’t remember my GD pin.  WTH!??!?!?  Not much money passes through my hands/account, so deposits are few/far between.  i pulled forward and parked for a few trying to jog my memory.  DAMN…no luck.  I pulled away still trying to remember but also trying not to sully my mind with other 4-digit codes.  I get over to another center where there’s another CU atm and “think” I know the code….BINGO….I got it.  My actual CU is over an hour away, so if I didn’t remember the code, I’d have had to mail my stinkin deposit.  Who wants to do that?  I think I’ve got mom-nesia. 

Oh I tried to make a new recipe tonight with our leftover tritip.  My friend, Amy, shared this yum looking recipe for thai beef lettuce wraps (or salad tacos as Adam calls them, lmao).  I chopped up all the lovely fillings and was going to prep those tiny curly Asian noodle things in a bunch of oil.  Well the damn stuff just stuck to my wok.  WTH???  so now the yummy grease-laden crunchy goodness for the wrap is not edible.  I was just so ticked and disgusted.  I pulled out a plan b dinner for S (leftovers !!!) and got something for A and O….while I fumed.  I’ve always wanted to try those noodles but obviously did something wrong.  



  1. I’d shoulda been putting a quarter in my bank every time I checked for the latest Errotapeople report and pictures….but must admit it was well worth the wait (and of course it’s not like you have just been twiddling you thumbs this past month). Thanks for sharing the news and pictures.

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