Posted by: Becky | December 19, 2008

December pictures and a little update….

Picked up our holiday pictures on Tuesday.  They turned out so cute.  I’ll post some here. Remember, they’re for Halloween AND Christmas.  🙂  Also will share some candids from the month so far.  Having felt like poo much of the month, I don’t have much. 

Adam wrapped up his fall session of swim lessons.  He is now a Sea Otter II….he’ll work on perfecting the strokes  introduced during Sea Otter I classes.  He’s pretty good at the back stroke.  We have a two week break before lessons start up again after the new year.

I keep forgetting to  post some exciting news.  Some of you know that I had to inject fertility meds to conceive Owen.  Infertily coverage is rare  (we  had SOME coverage) and the meds are very pricey.  I had some left over and found a woman I “knew” from my online fertility resource site that was starting up a cycle using the same meds.  I emailed her and offered her my leftover stuff.  She was shocked, stunned and THRILLED that I would part with such invaluable goods.  Well…she got pregnant and delivered a baby girl in November.  🙂  So exciting!!! 

So here are the pictures…enjoy!!!




  1. What cutie-pies you have, Becky! Absolutely adorable! LOVE the Halloween costumes. 🙂

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