Posted by: Becky | December 12, 2008


still sick, but wanted to take the time to post a lil somethin-somethin….

I can’t believe how long this ailment is dragging on.  We’ve had someone sick here since Election night.  Uh, this is not the type of change I was hoping for.  LMAO  Adam was sick that first week, then it pretty much has been all me and Owen.  Damn this sucks.  O has roseola which is pretty much a super duper high fever (104.7!!!!) followed by a skin rash.  Of course you don’t know it’s roseola ’til the rash presents, so you worry and fret about all the possibilities.  Then last weekend, he had croup.  I faired pea-soup fog and drove him to downtown SAC to u c d’s med center….at 2am.  not a nice time to be on the road let me tell you.  The dr. at the peds ER were so nice.  O got such great care. Of course by the time we got there, his breathing had gotten better and he was all smiles for the staff.  they gave him some steroids to decrease the swelling in his windpipe and we were on our way home….arrival time, 5:30a.m.

I’d promised Adam we’d go to his former preschool’s holiday bazaar.  not that he was dying to go or anything, lol  but he could see his old teachers and they had a kids craft/cookie decorating booth.  Well I got a phone call that a.m. that i’d won the very first raffle prize.  Woohoo!!!  I picked a massage gc!!!  Even if it was a 2 second massage, I would still pick that over anything else.  Please just rub my back…..puhleaseeeeee!?!?!?   so then we’re putzing around trying to get ready to go and the phone rings again.  I won ANOTHER prize!!!  this time I selected the pearl earrings valued at $250!!!  Will I wear them….hmm, not sure.  I’m saving myself for diamonds.  😉  But maybe I could give them to my first grand daughter……a long time from now.

So I’ve just really felt super yuck lately.  I thought I was getting past the funk, but I finally decided enough was enough and called the dr Wed a.m.  I got in that afternoon….woohoo!  She gave me some cough med (in weird pill form that looks kinda like a Vit E capsule) and some mega antibiotics.  She basically said I was a mess in my nose, ears and chest.  i’m guessing sinus and upper resp. infection.  Please oh please I  hope these meds kick in.  I’ve been a good little patient and gotten in all my meds today.  I don’t want it coming back.

Steve was supposed to be gone this week on a project, but it got postponed til next week at the last minute.  Woo hoo!! With him being home, I was able to take out a dear friend for her bday.  We went to a favorite Thai place.  OMG…..soooo good.  We tried a few new things and loved it all.  I love spicy Thai food.  My mouth was numb when we were done.  I probably should go back and get more, you know….for my better sinus health.  🙂 

Adam’s been such a sweet boy while I’ve been sick.  first he wanted to stay home and take care of me  (he said he’d bring me water!)  .  awwww  then when I told him I had to take him to school, he said “well when you get back home,you get right in bed!!!”   Well I did get an afternoon nap in that day.  when his dad brought him home from school, the very first thing he did was bring me a cup of water and put it at my bedside.  What a sweetie.  He’s kept saying over and over againg…I just want my family to feel better….I don’t like it when you’re sick, mommy.  I’m just so grateful that he hasn’t gotten any of this.  Steve hasn’t really gotten anything either.  He’s a dedicated Zicam user and I honestly think it has kept the bug at bay.  Now S has to fly this weekend, so let’s hope he doesn’t pick anything up from those nasty travellers.  BLECH

Adam’s been writing picture stories about each of us this week.  First he started with himself…drawing a picture (on a small post-it sized tablet) of his favorite XYZ…then when done, he tells the story.  It is really the cutest thing.  Here is an example of some of his favorites  :  His favorite button is the “on” button.  His favorite food is water (we really do feed him honest).  His favorite thing about his face is his smile (that touched my heart). There were about 10 or so.  the next day, he wrote one about me, then yesterday he did his dad, today he did Owen (answering for him or asking me to answer).  so precious.  I had to laugh, one of the questions for Owen was what was his favorite toy.  I said it was Sophie the giraffe….well I don’t think A knew how (or wanted) todraw a  giraffe, so he changed it to the RED ring that goes on the Fisher Price stacking ring thing.  LOL  Funny, that was one of A’s favorite things and is all scratched up from his chewing on it).  Once he finishes creating the stories,  he then sits and re-tells the story aloud.  oh and he has to take the stacks of papers to bed with him (on the nightstand).  One more story is in the works.  tomorrow….it’s Basco.  LOL He loves that darn cat, and well B doesn’t give him the time of day. I don’t think A’s gotten to pet him EVER.  He’ll try to let him in the house and B will just take off running. 

Steve’s heading out in the a.m. tomorrow, so A juli is coming to visit tomorrow night.  Adam misses his dad alot nowadays, so it’ll be nice having a special visitor.  Adam’s got some big plans for the visit….making cookies, going to pizza…and I’m hoping to get pics with Santa.  We shall see.  My plans have turned to crap the last month, so I should know better than to plan. 

Oh I have to say I took the boys for holiday pics on Monday.  And when I say holiday, I mean christmas AND Halloween. i’ve been such a slacker getting pics of O his first year (formal pics, not snapshots).  So I grabbed the holiday finery and the halloween costumes and we were off to Target.  I was super happy with the results and can’t wait to get them back next week. 

One more thing before I close.  I just wanted to congratulate our sister-in-law on receiving her Bachelors degree on Friday.  Amazing…she has been working in a crazy job commuting an hour away …with two busy teens and got ‘er done  WITH HONORS!!!  Woo hooo!!!!  We’re proud of you!!!!  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

Hope to post more regulary (hmm, that sounds familiar).  Hopefully when I evict this nasty phlegm and hacky cough, I’ll be back to blogging more regularly. 




  1. Steve, Becky, Adam & Owen –

    THANKS for the graduation card! I am so happy to be finished with school – took my last final (Science – YUK) and graduated – YEAH

    I don’t predict getting my masters any time soon ; )

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