Posted by: Becky | November 19, 2008

Still Hacking…

I guess I should probably get  myself to the dr.  I think I’ll call thurs a.m. as I have to take O for his 2nd flu shot in the a.m.  I just get all dry hacky at night and and in the a.m. I’m hacking up all sorts of gunk.  LOVELY!  Thankfully the boys are good. 

Today was swim lesson day.  Adam does such a great job.  I’m glad we found something that he enjoys and makes him so proud.  He always gets out of the pool with this big grin on his face like “wow, did you see me?  wasn’t I great?”  Just precious!!!  I took some pics and video today.  I still need to figure out how to post them here.  I took some cute pics of Owen while we were there too.  He is such a schmoozer for people and the camera.  The lighting at the swim school is great.  I wonder if they’d let me come in and do Holiday pictures there.  LOL

Speaking of holiday pictures….I got out to the mall today with Owen.  I was planning on going to Children’s Place as I hear they have great prices and nice looking boys clothes.  Well, I couldn’t find it.  They’ve done some renovating and totally new building at the mall and the store was moved.  so, I ended up at Gymboree and found some cute stuff.  We’ll see how the clothes work out.  After buying the goods, we trapsed through some of the new wing and got lost.  LOL  I got so turned around I didn’t even know where we were.  I do want to go back and check things out, but so hate the holiday crowds that will be showing up en masse probably next week. 

Speaking of next week, Adam’s off!  The local schools take the full week off, so we’re going to take off, too.  The boys and I are heading up to Sonora to see g-ma, g-pa and Shannon.   We haven’t had a lot of time there in the past year, so we’re all looking forward to it.  S has to stay behind and work.  HP’s added an add’l week fo forced vacation at Christmas time, so he doesn’t have any extra to come with.  He will be joining us on Thanksgiving and staying for the weekend. 

Getting my hair done in the a.m.  Oh man it’s needing it.  I’m <>to Cruella de Ville….not a good look.


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