Posted by: Becky | November 18, 2008

Never wake a sleeping baby….

OOPS!!!!  We’ve always lived by the above mantra, but I always question myself.  Owen’s known for these mega naps.  Well, today was one of those mega-napping days.  I put him down probably around 3:something today.  We were going to head out to the mall when he woke up.  Well, he slept, and slept and slept.  Adam was sad that we all didn’t get to eat together.  I hemmed and hawed about whether to get him or not.  Last Friday he slept from 4pm – 6am.    It just seems like one of these days he’d wake rarin’ to go at 3.  So….tonight, I woke him.  I had his jammies and bottle ready and got him up at 11.  He’d been sleeping for over 7 hrs.  I know some kids from the baby board I frequent don’t get much more sleep than that.  I sure  hope he’s not planning on doing that.  So now he’s back in bed.  I hear his crib music, and him rustling around…..hopefully he’ll settle in fine. 

The rest of today…well it was pretty busy.  This a.m. after breakfast I took A to get a hair cut. Man I didn’t realize how bushy it had gotten.  Then we went to Target in hopes of finding something the boys could wear in holiday pictures.  Man, what a disappointment.  Is it so difficult to have cute boys clothing?  I’m not big on decorated shirts….well of the limited selection, that was mostly what they had.  ARGH!!!!  Oh or a turltleneck <eye roll> .  So now, we have to hit the mall…which isn’t an easy task.  The shops open too late to go in the a.m. before A starts school.  So I either go w/out him while he’s in school or try to do it after school (like we attempted to do today).  I think I’ll try tomorrow.  Then, once the clothes are found, I need to take some pictures.  Adam loves it, but well Owen isn’t the easiest to snap.  Hopefully I can get them sitting together in some way, shape, or form. 

I have a few cute pics from the last week. Not much from our sick days.  Will post later.


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