Posted by: Becky | November 17, 2008

A lovely weekend….

Even though I’ve got an annoying cold, I have to say it was a super nice weekend.  After finding out Owen’s ailment was Roseola (skin rash after super high fever and other ickys) he slept 14 hrs and woke a new boy.  🙂 

Saturday was party day for Adam.  He’d been invited to a classmate’s party at the bowling alley.  We all really wanted him to be able to go, but knew the noise could be a factor.  We’d tried to do the bowling thing last year with our playgroup….but it was super loud (crashing pins, loud speaker, etc.)  I told he we’d try some ear plugs that I had bought for use on our flight to Hawaii.  So, I popped those babies into his ears and he and S were off to the party.  It was to start at 1pm….I kept watching the clock and watching the garage door to see if they were making an early departure.  NOPE!!!  He did it!!! He stayed at the party and bowled.  Woo hoo!!!  S and A had a great time.  Of course Adam wants to have his birthday party there…sounds good to me. 

I’ve been baking like crazy.  I love pumpkin and have been trying out many different pumpkin muffin recipes.  Well last week, I baked up one of the pumpkins we got at the pumpkin farm.  Wow, I was surprised with how much pulp I ended up with….a full 2 qt batter bowl.  I made three types of muffins and a batch of pumpkin bread.  I still have some left and think I’ll whip up some pancake batter.  The boys (all 3 of them) love pumpkin, too….so it’s a good thing!

Today, I prepared a full on turkey dinner.  I’ve had a turkey in the freezer for a while and well have been needing to use it.  So why not now?  Adam seemed a littler bothered by the fact that I wasn’t waiting til Thanksgiving for the stuffing.  LoL  He also kept asking about each item… “does that have onions in it???”  I will say that he did eat turkey…woo hoo.  We did have to remind him how much he LOVES turkey and how he always gets turkey sandwiches when we go to Subway.  Now he’s asking for a homemade “subway” sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Owen went to town on all the trimmings….he’s such a good eater.  🙂  He’ll flash you a smile and show bits of food between  his teeth.  Sure it sounds gross, but it’s darn cute.

So the other night, A juli called to make sure Adam got out to see the moon.  We’d been checking out the growth of the moon over the past few days and definitely wanted to go check it out.  So after dinner we headed out.  Adam ran out to the front yard and laid down.  I asked him if it was wet.  He said no, but it looked damp to me.  So then he says “would you like to join me?”  (while laying back with is hands under his head).  I went out and kneeled next to him and looked at the stars and counted all the airplanes flying above (we’re near the Lincoln Airport and in the flt path for the Sac airport…busy airway).  We talked about where we thought the planes might be going.    Then Adam said “this is the best night ever”  🙂   He so wants to have a campout.  UGH…not exactly the season for it and well I’m not the best candidate for that.  Maybe Gramma is game.  🙂 

Steve’s gone this week to San Antonio.  I sure am grateful that he was able to stay behind last week to be on sick duty with me.  Man I wouldn’t have made it without him.



  1. thanks for the nice wrap up of the week end…sounds like ‘alls well that ends well’ is a true story. Great news that Owen is healthy again and that Adam is ready to join a bowling team…what a giant step forward…remember when he bowled a bit in Columbia during the summer? Your pumpkin stuff sounds yummy…You’re right about having Steve’s presence and help last week…he is definitely a keeper!

  2. Awww, adam is such a sweetie 🙂

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