Posted by: Becky | November 13, 2008

UGH….an update from the infirmary

Sorry that it has been ages since the last update. Last week A was sick and missed three days of school.  Now, this week, O’s been sick (since Saturday).  High fever, gunkish nose, cough, overall just bleckiness.  Two visits to our wonderful Ped (the visit today included blood work and a catheter to draw urine…..yeeouch!!!!), lots of motrin and tylenol, saline spray and nasal aspiration.  Not fun.  Oh and lets not forget the rectal thermometer.  O’s poor eyes, nose, and butt-butts. 

Saturday was Miss Carmen’s first birthday.  Adam wasn’t 100%, so he stayed back with dad.  O and I made the trek with A Juli.  well…this is when the bug started.  GREAT….so sorry Alameda people.  I hope we didn’t totally contaminate the island. 

Monday a.m., Steve was supposed to fly out to San Antonio for a work trip.  He offered to postpone his trip so he could stay and help with the sickies.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!  What a man!!!  Honestly I don’t know how I would have dealt with this week if he hadn’t been hear. 

Or lovely Veterans Day holiday was spent hanging out with Cinderelly and some popcorn.  We just were taking it waaaaay easy to insure that A could get back to school on Wed.  Of course, Steve and I feel like we’re getting early colds.  ZICAM here we come.  Hoping to keep it limited to post-nasal drip (nice, huh?)

Oh I almost forgot, Monday was Adam’s parent conference.  We are so proud as his teacher said he’s head and shoulders above the other kids in terms of reading and math learnin’  😉  Woo hooo!!!!   I shared a few treasured Adam stories with her and she just had to laugh… the multilingual dictionary collection he’s had from an early age…..his interest in making “grocery lists”, oh and how last week he was upset because he just wanted to learn to read.  She had thought about pulling him aside in class to work 1:1 with him, but I really didn’t want him singled out right now.  I suggested she send books home for us to read and I’ll work with him.  I’m looking forward to it, and I’ve told Adam about it…so he’s jazzed too.  She’s also setting  him on on the Acclerated Reading program.  It tests students reading comprehension after reading/being read to.  I’ve used it in the classroom before, so I’m familiar with it.  I think A will love it and look forward to taking the “tests” on the computer.  My biggest concern with this is getting him motivated to work with me.  He sometimes will pull back and tell me to just read it for him.  His teacher commented on how modest he is of his abilities.  I’m going to use a sticker chart with some fun incentives to get us started.  hopefully once underway, the computer reading program will be a big motivator. 

Here’s hoping for a fever-free Thursday.  Please send good thoughts our way.  Poor O!



  1. How fun!! They do AR tests at our school, but classroom wide. I wonder when they will start doing them individually? Hmm.

    I hope you guys are WELL for the rest of the week 🙂

  2. thanks for the news…holding good thoughts that today will bring improvement for all who are ailing.

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