Posted by: Becky | October 13, 2008

Word to the wise….

always make sure the washing machine is totally empty before starting a load.  UGH!!!  A few days ago, I got a surprise when I opened the washer.  I found chunks of cardboard and a small rectangle of cellophane.  Upon closer inspection, I recognized the picture on the cellophane as belonging to one of Adam’s jigsaw puzzles.  Thankfully it was only a tiny matchbox sized puzzle (pieces fit into a matchbox), but it was still a mess.  I asked Adam if he’d had his puzzle recently.  Why of course he had….and he told me that he had “hidden” it.  FOUND IT!  CRAP!!!!  I’m on load # 3 and still getting bits.  LOL  I thought I’d cleaned it out, but guess you can’t get it all. 

Saturday a.m. the boys and I drove down to Gilroy for Ava H’s 1st Birthday party.  It was a loooooong day, but a GREAT party and well worth it.  Little Ava is all over the place and is just too darn cute.  I haven’t taken the pics off my camera yet, but will share shortly.  They had a petting zoo come to their house for entertainment.  It was really cool….chickens, ducks, goats….was that it?  The kids really enjoyed themselves and well…the ADULTS did too.  Great job on the party Jen and Chris.  Oh and stop the presses.  Mr. Adam ate raw broccoli and carrots.  He’s on this “wanna grow big and strong” kick.  Jen’s mom sent him home with a baggie to snack on in the car. 

Sunday, hmmm, I don’t even remember what we did.  Oh wait, I recall going to the store with Adam.  He loves picking out the fruit.  Sorry Raley’s for grabbing the apples from the BOTTOM of your beautiful mound.  <oops>  We also picked out some broccoli, so hopefully he’ll be interested in some as a snack.  oh now I’m remembering more from today.  S opened A’s t-ball set and they played this afternoon.  I guess he (Adam) got a few good rips in.  So fun.  We tried t-ball a few summers ago and it didn’t go over well.  Not sure if we would try it again.  There are just too many crazy grown ups out there yelling at each of the kids.  Too much!  It would be fun to try in case he likes it though.  oh well we have plenty of time. 

Guess that’s it.  Check back for pics from this weekend.  I also took some video that I’m going to post when I figure it out. 

Happy Monday!



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend 🙂 Your apple talk reminded me that I have some HUGE granny smiths that I need to use. Baked apples maybe? mmm

  2. Maybe he will be the next Professional Hitter.

  3. Sounds like the Saturday trip was fun… I bet Jen and Chris are so happy being Ava’a mommy and daddy. And praise the Lord Mr. A has switched from rocks to broccoli…AMEN AND ALLELULIA!
    Can’t wait for the pictures…oh, was it our favorite little zebra puzzle????

  4. Just wait! Laundry surprises from your children get even better – yellow crayons that you find AFTER you finish drying your work clothes : (

    You learn to like polka-dots!!!!!

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