Posted by: Becky | October 9, 2008

Finally an update….

Sheesh, what took me so long??? 

It’s already Wednesday….well, technically Thursday.  Things are always so busy.  Here I was hoping to do updates more regularly and now  I’m behind a week. 

Last Friday was OZ’s 9 month appt.  He’s always such a little charmer when we’re out and about….throwing smiles, dropping drool, and giving a 4-tooth, gummy grin.  Well all that came to a halt once once it was time for his shot.  Poor lil fella.  We got a great report on Owen’s growth.  30 inches long (97%), 24lbs 10 oz (94%), and head circumference 48 cm (98%).  He’s officially at the top end of the charts….he’s a big boy. 

Saturday we enjoyed a wonderful time at our friend’s family Oktoberfest celebration.  It was fun watching the kids have such a good time.  Oh and the food was soooo good.  I don’t think I have had this much German food before.  I would love to track down some of the recipes.  Mmmmm  Thanks Tam for being such a great hostess.  We are already looking forward to next year.  I only took a few pics, but thought I’d share them here…

Heidi C, Tammy L (our gracious hostess), and Denise A...good people!

Heidi C, Tammy L (our gracious hostess), and Denise A...good people!


Adam had a blast playing with his friends.

Adam had a blast playing with his friends.

I got to work in Adam’s class today. So fun!!!  He told me “you’re a good teacher mom!  You did a great job at the art center (when I was there last time).”  lol  It’s just so fun seeing him around the other kids and in his classroom.  I helped with centers playing a math game with the kids.  I was able to stay through snack time…oh so fun to hear their social conversation.  Adam asked me if I would like to join his table (such a polite boy).  Then I heard him tell the little girl who brought snack:  “Gee A, thanks for the snack,  It sure was tasty.”  lol  (bragging mom here)  He’s just such a sweet boy.  I hope he stays that way and doesn’t turn into a schmoozing Eddie Haskell-type. 
I got to play bunko tonight with my old bunko group.  Wow, it had been a long time.  So great to be asked to play AND actually be able to play.  It was nice to get out of the house and hang with the girls.  Great food, great company with lots of laughs….and I won my money back.  😉 
I guess that’s about it.  We have fun plans this weekend.  We’re going to Ava H’s 1st Birthday party.  We  haven’t met Ava and Jen and fam haven’t met Owen.  They’ve also moved into a new house over the summer, so it will be great to see their new home.  Adam will be thrilled to know we’re staying in a hotel Saturday night.  Hope to have some pics to share.  They’re going to  have a petting zoo…so should be some fun pictures. 


  1. Another fun read and great pictures. Have fun at the party…give Jen our love. Oh, a request has been made (again) for Adam to join the Donut Shop Group for a visit.

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