Posted by: Becky | October 3, 2008

Nine months old….

Owen’s officially 3/4 year old. 🙂    He’s so fun these days.   I’m trying to take more pictures 1) because time is flying by and 2) so I have pics to share with you all here.  He was really playful this a.m.   Adam was gone, so I took some pics of him going nuts on his blanket. 


Do these stripes make me look fat?

Do these stripes make me look fat?

I really do have 4 I'm hiding my eyes.

I really do have 4 teeth

Adam enjoyed his trip to the pumpkin patch.  As I suspected, he skipped the train ride.  He hates the tunnel (even though it is a mere 2 seconds).  He sat with a friend’s gramma who had gone as a chaperone.  She was so sweet to talk to me after school today.  She said Adam was such a nice boy and that she really enjoyed spending time with him.  He was very polite and well behaved.  🙂 
Tomorrow is another early school day for Adam.  They are doing minimum days for the rest of the school, so that means early days for the PM kindergartners.  It really is kind of nice having some quiet time in the a.m.  But man it is early getting out of the house before 8. 
Steve’s back tomorrow night.  Woo hoo! Adam’s been so sad again this week crying and missing him.  I asked him what he missed about dad “going to the park, playing hopscotch, hanging out in the BOYS ROOM…”  too cute.  I know S  has to work a bunch this weekend, but hopefully they can get some good time in.    What’s with the hopscotch?  lol


  1. If you could take some pics of Steve doing hopscotch, I would appreciate it.

  2. I’l lol’ing at Juli’s comment, lmao. Classic.
    I love that pic of Owen…such a cutie!

  3. I want to squeeze his adorable cheeks!!

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