Posted by: Becky | September 30, 2008

Lost and Found

It was about a year ago that I noticed some of my kitchen things were missing.  This coincided with My mom and Juli being here to take care of Adam while we were in Vegas for our birthdays. Not that I thought they nabbed my stuff….but well ya never know.  I first noticed my small “wonder cup” was missing, then I realized that my two 1-cup stainless measuring cups were missing.  Thinking they’d fallen behind the kitchen utensil drawers (so many treasured PC gadgets!), I pulled out the drawers and found, NOTHING.  Fast forward to tonight.  After going out to sushi for Steve’s birthday dinner, we came home for cake.  Adam insisted on candles.  I didn’t think I had birthday candles, but decided to open the drawer next to the sink.  Lo and behold….there were the missing items AND a tube of aluminum foil.  Wow, so exciting.  Now I’m really glad I didn’t shake down Mom and Juli about the disappearing stuff.  oooops 

now on to the birthday….

I think Steve enjoyed his birthday.  We headed out to Mikuni super early, so we could prevent an “I’m exhausted” meltdown from Owen.  It worked out beautifully.  He went to town on his cheerios and puff treats while the rest of us enjoyed our dinner.  Oh if he’d only mastered these tasty nuggets before our Kauai trip, we just might have eaten dinner in a restaurant.  With it getting dark so early, Adam worries about it getting too late for him to do stuff.   While driving home from dinner he was afraid he was going to miss daddy’s party.  When we got home, O really needed to get to bed.  Cake had to wait…. A grew more and more impatient.  I wondered how he would react to the ‘no candle’ situation.  Plan B….a Partylite tealight.  Better than nothing and I have tons on hand.  I will make a mental note to get candles for “the drawer”.  We’ll probably end up having them for 100 years like the candles in “the drawer” growing up.

Here are some cake pics….


Happy Birthday, Daddy! :)Nice candle!

Since Owen missed the cake festivities, I thought I’d at least share some pics of him from earlier today.  He’s really gotten into toys.  It’s the cutest.
Call me!  (notice the drool?)

Call me! Mrs. Andersen would be proud (look at those graceful hands and pointed toes)

Tomorrow is Adam’s first official picture day.  He’s picked out a nice stripey polo shirt and khaki pants.  Looks like the HP ‘uniform’ daddy wears for work.  I hope they turn out okay.  They sure are pricey.  We’re used to the great pics from preschool….more expensive, but at least we got to choose the pose.  ya know? 
I’m trying to update often, so please keep checking back for  updates.  We’ve got lots going on this week…A’s field trip to the pumpkin patch, O’s 9 mo check up, and Oktoberfest with some friends…..good times!


  1. Great stuff!! Now, so howdasuppose your stuff got in the cabinet by the sink???Don’t look at me…on the other hand, anything is possible as we well know. The pictures are simply wonderful…thanks for sharing.

  2. Don’t look at me either…you know I wouldn’t be putting anything away anyway!

  3. Thanks again for a wonderfull birthday day, I had a great time spending time with the family. You are the best!


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