Posted by: Becky | September 29, 2008

The Week that was….

We had a few things going on last week.  Steve was back on the road.  It seemed to really bother Adam that his dad was gone.  For the first time ever, he cried at night asking for and missing his daddy.  It was heartbreaking.  They’ve really gotten attached to each other…hanging out during certain times of the day when S’s working from home, plus our vacation “togetherness”, well it was just hard on him. He also cried saying he “missed our hotel room”.  LOL  Adam loves hotels with “alligators” (elevators).  I told him we’ll be staying in another soon…so hopefully that will pacify him. 

Wednesday was a big day.  Not only was it my 38th birthday but it also was my first chance to work in Adam’s classroom.  I was in charge of the painting easels.  26 kindergartners painting with me…  next time I’ll wear a smock too.  Oy!  Messy, messy, messy!  Adam was thrilled to have me in class and thanked me for coming.  While I was there I noticed one of A’s little classmates was also celebrating his birthday (wearing a crown).  When his group came to the painting center, I told him it was my birthday, too.   The kids got all excited and asked me how old I was….and asked if I was 6, too.  LMAO  I told them “6 X 6 + 2”.  Too Funny!

When we drove home from school that day, Adam kept saying he wanted to answer the door when my friends came over for my party.  Poor kid, he seemed disappointed when I told him I wasn’t having a bday party…that I’d had my friends over on the weekend for the breakfast.  so funny. 

We didn’t really have many plans for the weekend.  My friend was having a yard sale on Saturday and asked if I wanted to bring stuff over.  We’re parting with a lot of O’s stuff, so I brought it over to her house for the big sale.  Well as most of you know I am NOT an early bird.  Adam and I were up and out of the house by 7-ish Saturday a.m. with coffee in hand.  Well, I had coffee, A had milk.  😉   I sold all of 5 things….1 baby swing, 2 sleepers, and 2 vhs movies.  LOL  After the subway sandwich, I came home with $5.50.  LMAO….less than $1/hr.  Woo hoo!!!  Oh and i realized the swing was sold with 3 “D” batteries inside…what’s that like $5 in value right there.  I’m so not cut out to be a yard-saler. 

Tomorrow (well, technically today :9/29) is Steve’s birthday.  Adam, again, is concerned about his party.  He asked me Sunday who all was invited to daddy’s party.  I told him it would be Me, Daddy, Owen and him.  He was okay with that, but seemed a bit disappointed.  LOL  We’re going out to Mikuni for some yummy sushi.  They also let birthday peeps spin their prize wheel.  So exciting. 

Owen is  <> this close to crawling.   He’ll lunge forward but then get caught on his heel.   He is getting around with this army crawl (sorry dad…should I call it Marine???) He’s pretty fast and always got his eyes looking for favorite things…the remote, cords/wires, the phone, etc.  We will be doing enhanced baby proofing for this kid. 

We’ve really been working on exposing O to more foods.  He loves all the jarred stuff for the most part.  I hoping he can eat more REAL foods.  He finally picked up AND injested his first Gerber puff on Saturday.  We’ve been putting them on his tray for a while and he mainly would play with them.  So with that victory, I put out cheerios today.  He seems to like them, I think.    You be the judge 

I love Cheerios!!!

I love Cheerios!!!


Adam saw me taking O’s picture and wanted in on the action.  They sure do love each other….so sweet.


Cheerios two biggest fans. 🙂

I wanted to post another pic from last week.  Owen’s such a wiggle-worm.  He hates laying down…he doesn’t want to miss anything.  Here are some pics after a bath last week.  I thought he was just too cute. 

Mmmm so clean

Mmmm so cleanI'm so cute!!!

Guess that’s it for now.  Hope everyone has a great week. 


  1. guess I missed this one…again, great story telling and wonderful pictures.

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