Posted by: Becky | September 21, 2008

Four Days in paradise….

….two days of travelling hell.  I am a very anxious person when it comes to the unknown.  If I kinda know what is going to happen or can do a dry-run on things, I feel better.  Well there really was no way in knowing how the boys would fair on what would be super long travel days.  For starters, good ol’ United Airlines had our seating all jacked up….so that stressed me out.  Thankfully we got our “to” leg straightened out at SFO.  We had 4 seats together at the VERY back of the plane right next to the bathroom(handy and a great way to meet ALL the other passengers, lol).  Airports and planes can be super noisey, so I brought earplugs for Adam.  He got really upset at the gate when the announcements started.  Oh boy, this was going to be a long day, poor kid.  A was pretty agitated by the hub-bub on the plane and “wanted to go home”  😦 Uh no can do kiddo…sorry.  Thankfully we all got settled into our seats and we explained what was going to happen at take off.  We weren’t even moving yet when A proclaimed “I need to go poo-poo”  Oh lovely… do you tell a kid to hold “that”???  I told him it would be a good 20 minutes before we could even consider that.    A loved take-off….going super fast was very exciting.  Fast forward 20 min….potty time.  We Made It, CODE BROWN averted.  Phew!!!

It’s a 5 hour flight to Kauai.  We hadgotten up around 5a.m. PDT  for our early mornng flight and were to arrive in Kauai at around 11:30a.m..  We couldn’t check into our hotel til 4pm (7pm PDT) so we were seriously dragging.  We were hot, sticky, hungry and tired.  I will say, the boys held up remarkably well.  (Owen fussed a bit during the flight, but really was a sweetie flashing his adorable toothy/gummy grin.  Adam was a good sport wearing his own back pack of “games, activities, and more…”  )  We found food….McD’s, and refueled our bodies on some of the Island’s finest fast food.  LOL 

Since this is getting long, I’ll just nail some details….

Kauai is very green and gets a lot of rain.  We had two days of major rain during the afternoon time, otherwise there were torrential downpours after dark.  Pretty cool!!!  There are chickens roaming in the wild literally ALL OVER.  A man told us it was from a hurricane many years ago.  The hurricane damaged some chicken farms and the flocks just took off.  I googled to see what back story I could find, and that is a popular tale…but not necessarily the truth.  I guess there is no predator for the chicken, so they just thrive.  <shrug>

So here are some pictures….

Prince Adam

Prince Adam

The hotel had a bunch of daily activities for all ages.  Every morning at 10, Steve and Adam would go down to the koi pond to feed the fish.

Feeding the fish

Feeding the fish here fishy fishy fishy

S and A taking a dip

S and A taking a dipOf course we had to spend some time pool-side. Adam loves the water and really enjoyed the hotel's pool. Steve and I each enjoyed a cocktail, too. Mmm, good times. Here we are hanging pool-side.B and O lounging on the chaiseAdam and mom getting some pool time.



Even chickens like hanging by the pool

Even chickens like hanging by the pool

We found this fun hot dog place called Puka Dog (   It’s been featured on the travel channel.  Oh my….imagine a polish dog, stuffed in a bun (a roll with a hole down the center), a flavorful garlic sauce, island mustard, and your choice of relish.  I had mango one day and banana the other.  DELISH.  I had to check out their site when we got back to the hotel.  The owner is living my dream….started out with a hot dog cart and now has this great hot dog stand in a location perfect for tourists.  just a bite...please???
Owen was on the trip, honest….here are some pics of him:
Fancy tooth little buddy...

Fancy tooth little buddy...yeah, cozy time with dad

catching some Zzzzzz at the shaved ice/ice cream sundae party

catching some Zzzzzz at the shaved ice/ice cream sundae party

Sorry this got to be so long.  Just wanted to give a good summary of our vacation.  Oh almost forgot….Adam lost tooth #6 while we were there.  He was tickled that the Tooth Fairy was able to find him so far away from  home.  Good job, Tooth Fairy!!!


  1. loved the stories… loved the pictures…sounds like it was a great family escape…can’t wait to hear stories from Adam’s perspective

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