Posted by: Becky | September 8, 2008

Leaving on a jet plane

Our long-awaited trip to Kauai is finally here.  We leave Wed. a.m. for a 5-night stay.  Woo hoo!!!  We’ve had these plans for so long….almost a year.  We knew we’d have a baby with us, but didn’t know it would be Owen.  🙂  Adam’s looking forward to his first plane ride.  We’re all set with a new portable dvd player (we  heard it was a MUST), some new toys, and some crayons, activity book and coloring book.  I’m hopeful that Owen will keep to his sleep schedule and nap on the plane.  I’m so nervous about  it though.  I don’t want to be “that” family with the screaming baby.    We are staying at the Marriott Vacation Club resort (sorry tried to hyperlink the url, but I failed) .  This resort is part of their Vacation Club, so we’re listening to their speil one morning.  Otherwise,  we have no real plans once we get there.  Adam said he’s looking forward to building a sand castle with daddy.  Will definitely be posting pictures upon return.  heck, I might even set up my flicker account so I can share more.  It would be accessible from the right-hand margin.

So tonight, in preparation of our trip, Steve was on the United site checking on our reservation (set up MONTHS ago).  Well he found that three of us had been assigned seats together, but OWEN had no seat.  Uh, what happened to our 4th seat in the same row???  Steve then looked at return flight, and that was in worse shape.  He and Adam were seated together, but Owen and I had been separated.  WTH????  I talked to two lovely outsourced reservation Agents who weren’t really able to do much more than listen to my rage.  Steve was appreciative that I would take them on.  I think he was just happy someone else was on the receiving end of my rampage.  lol  So I guess I will attempt to get this resolved 24 hrs before we leave on Wed and if that doesn’t work, the gate agent is SUPPOSED to help us.  I’ll believe it once things get straightened out.  so aside from these issues on the front end of the trip, I’m hopeful that it will be a great vacation. 

Tomorrow is an early day for Adam.  Once per month his school has an early release day so teachers can have meetings.  Since he’s in the afternoon kinder class, he will go in the a.m. with the morning class.  I’m curious to see how this all works out as this will be 50+ kindergartners in ONE classroom for 3 hours with two teachers.  Aides were laid off last spring due to budgetary problems.  I’m hoping to try and help out on early days, but tomorrow just won’t work with all the vacation preparation.  Oh and Adam will have a sub, too.  This could be interesting. I’ve prepped him a bit and will remind him before school that the day will be very different. 

Owen popped out one of his top teeth over the weekend. FINALLY!!!  The neighbor is soon to follow.  He gets a little crabby with the teething, but thankfully it doesn’t seem to interfere with his sleep.  We had another mega night’s sleep the other night.  I put him down around 4-ish and he slept all night til 5:30a.m.  Can you even imagine what’s going on inside him that makes him sleep 13+hrs?  Needless to say he was famished when he woke up.  Steve said he chugged down his bottle.  He’s gotten to where he doesn’t really like much of a bottle in the a.m. so that was a big deal.  OZ’s like his mom….he’d rather eat his calories….cereal, yogurt, pears. 

Well I guess that’s it for now.  Happy Monday! 🙂



  1. just found this tonight…I could swear I had checked yesterday and there was nothing new…oh well…the good news is you are now already safe and sound in Hawaii and Owen didn’t have to sit by himeself somewhere…was today sand castle day? Hope allcontinues to go as well as it was last night when we talked…enjoy the rest of your trip….love, Mom/Grandma
    ps Can’t wait to get updated on Adam’s journal entries.

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