Posted by: Becky | September 3, 2008

A busy weekend…

Sorry I haven’t gotten around to updating in nearly a week.  We were fortunate to have a house guest this past weekend.   My cousin Kerri came up in the wee hours Thursday and stayed through this afternoon (Tuesday).  She’s great company and we all get lots of laughs in.  Adam loves her to bits and well I think the feeling is mutual.  Even little Owen can sense there’s fun to be had with Cousin Kerri.  🙂  Thanks for the great visit and thanks for driving all the way up from San Diego.  🙂

Adam got to attend a fun party at a local tae kwon do studio on Saturday.  Two of his friends from playgroup had won a free pizza and child safety party.   It seemed like a great thing to check out and a nice chance to see some of A’s old friends.  Boy did he have a good time. 

Sunday we headed down to the Sacramento Convention Center for the Greek Food Festival.  Steve and I started going when we moved up here and it’s been a Labor Day weekend staple ever since.  We pretty much drive down for lunch (usually a Gyro) and then enjoy some of the delicious pastries and sweet treats.  This year I tried some new treats, but K and J had a crowd fave the loukamades.  We were disappointed to have missed out on the crowd fave, thiple).  Check out these honey-dipped donuts (loukamades)

 So after filling up on yummies, enjoying some Greek folk music (Adam was loving it!) and buying some raffle tickets (guess I lost again this year), we  headed out.  Another great time!  🙂

Oh but the excitement was just heating up.  Adam lost ANOTHER tooth.  He lost tooth #4 (first top tooth) a few weeks ago and the one next to it had been wiggly.  Well, he must have been on a mission to get that thing out as I didn’t think it was “that” loose….and well the amount of blood in the bathroom was near CSI levels.  Actually part of of me is glad that it is out now as he looks so darn cute with the big gaping hole in his smile.  I told him I was going to put some corn pieces in there, but he wasn’t buying that idea.  Here’s our toothless wonder:

Super Smile!

Super Smile!

 Back to swim lessons this a.m.  Adam is doing such a great job.  It’s amazing how much he’s progressed in the past year.  Hmmm Olympics 2020???  Kerri came with us to lessons and was able to take some pics with her great camera.  She also got some cute shots of Owen who just seems to love smiling (when not busy sucking on his hands).

 And here are some of Owen.  I think we’re in for some mega teeth sprouting in the coming week(s).  He’s been a trooper with minimal fussiness, but man I see atleast the top teeth ready to come in.










We got a call from Adam’s teacher tonight.  It was great getting to talk to her as it’s hard to talk in the classroom with so many kiddies underfoot.  She called to talk about Adam’s vacation work for next week when we go to Hawaii.  She was able to talk to me a bit about how A’s doing in class and  how she can “count on him” for help with letters and numbers.   🙂  She also gave me a heads-up about her being gone so we can prepare him a bit.  Adam loves routine and order and might be a little out of sorts without his new favorite teacher.  🙂  Hopefully we can teach him to be flexible.  Is that even possible to teach flexibility?  lol 

Guess I will close for now.  Tomorrow (wed) I start with this new babysitting swap with a friend.  In order for us both to work in our older kid’s class, we needed a sitter….voila, our schedules work out perfectly.  Her little girl will come to our house in the a.m. to play with A and O.  In the afternoon, O will go to play with her two girls.  Adam’s excited and so am I !

<thanks to Cousin Kerri for taking the above pics>



  1. loved the update…LOVED the pix…when is Mrs Kelley going and is it for just a short while? Hopefully that is the case.

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