Posted by: Becky | August 27, 2008

It’s official….

I’m a sap.  Tonight was Back to School night at A’s school.  I don’t think Steve even knows this, but I started to tear up when we were seated for the Principal’s presentation.  I didn’t shed a tear on A’s first day of kindergarten….but I’m tearing up tonight???   Perhaps because A was so excited for school and comfortable in his new environment???  This was a different situation for me.  I was attending BTS night for the first time as an excited mom instead of as an anxious teacher. Boy these five years have gone by fast. How can our little guy be old enough for Kindergarten? 

 The classroom presentation was very informative.  So far, I really like Adam’s teacher and her partner (the A.M. teacher) seems great, too.  They went over the K curriculum and boy, Adam’s well prepared.  Thank you Little School House!!!  🙂  One thing that was a bit of a concern is their early release days.  One Monday per month the school lets out early for staff development (a good thing).  This means that Adam will attend the morning session…..50+ students in ONE classroom (not a good thing!).  I would really like to help out on those days if possible. 

Aunt Juli came up after work tonight so we could attend the meeting.  Adam really loves her and refers to her as Wonder Woman.  I’m forgetting the back story, but there’s talk that she’ll be sporting the Wonder Woman gear for Halloween.  Pics to follow.  It appears that their time together went very well.  We were only gone an hour, yet upon our return we found Owen had been fed, changed and was in bed ASLEEP.  Maybe she really is WONDER WOMAN?!?!?!?!    I think she just secured herself some night-time babysitting time. 

I must share about this cool idea I had.  I have several great friends who share my same birthmonth (and a couple who share the same birthday).  I’ve decided that this year I will host a birthday breakfast to honor all of us.  We’re all busy in our own lives, but figured most should be able to cut away for some good eats, coffee and conversation.  It will be the weekend after we return from Kauai and before my birthday.  Sounds like perfect timing.  Now I’m doing some menu planning, which is always fun.  I’m one of those crazies that enjoys reading recipes and cookbooks.  lol 

S’s work announced that there will be some big changes this week.  The notice was a bit vague, but it sounds like there will be MORE layoffs.  He should know more tomorrow, but probably still not know exactly what’s going on.  The often dole out info a crumb at a time.  It is so stressful, but we’ve come to realize that change and layoffs are always looming in his industry.  It’s just scary as the job climate has changed so much since they first started the massive layoffs several years ago.  I hate to complain as we’ve been very fortunate the last several years.  Sure I could go back to work, but it’s not like schools are hiring.  So please pray/hold good thoughts that his job is secure.



  1. YOU are too funny, first I was crying, then I was laughing. The tomatoe in the shorts was too much! I love how all the details are so memorable! We should all do this for our kiddos- have a great day- See you tomorrow around 9.

  2. Love, love, love you…Welcome to the next phase for our little guys. We have been doing this now for a couple of years but just started with Andrew. It does go so fast. Thinking good thoughts for Steve, you and the boys… we do miss you so much… Em

  3. I wish my birthday was in September…BUT I did get a bunch of Trader Joe’s goodies from you. (((BECKY))) You are the best!!!

  4. Yes, I REALLY am Wonder Woman…I thought you knew. 🙂

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