Posted by: Becky | August 25, 2008

I’m back in bizness….

Thanks to Steve for getting me back online so quickly.  My poor laptop….I only go to a few of the same sites each day, you’d think I was practicing “safe surfing”.  You just never know.  LOL

I’ve been on a pancake kick lately.  I found a couple delish recipes on that I’ve been making.  This weekend, I made these .  Adam loves smiley-faced pancakes, but had already eaten by the time I woke up.  I still wanted one for myself.  Steve rarely eats anything other than his Fiber 1 cereal for breakfast, but the aroma from these babies brought him downstairs right quick.  I plan on making them again this coming weekend when we have another pancake lover coming to visit. 

So after lunch, Adam and I headed out to Costco.  I knew it was going to be a big (read pricey) trip as we needed costly staples and meat.  Adam’s a good sport at Costco and splits time riding on the front of the cart or walking beside me.  I know he’d really want to climb in the basket, but man he’s too big for that.  We nipped that last year when I was pg.  All was going just dandy til we got to the back of the store when the sample tables started popping up.  Now I usually avoid those areas as there usually is a serious backlog of people getting a nibble.  Adam’s never really noticed or cared about them before, but for some reason today was a different story.  I told him we could see what they had thinking it would be the usual 1/2 nugget or potsticker.  NOPE…they were demo-ing sandwiches.  Ham/turkey/cheese on fancy artisan bread and about 1/3 of a sandwich.   He was jazzed and said it was “the best treat ever”…oh but just wait.  So we’re filling up the cart with big items (papertowels, paperplates, detergent, etc) and come across another sample….mini brownies with (melted) ice cream on top.  Too bad they weren’t demoing the baby wipes.  What a mess!  Of course A loved it.  I’m not sure how he did it, but there was 1/2 of his brownie and gobs of his ice cream on the ground around his feet.  Oh my boy…he’s a messy eater just like me.  🙂  We still have more shopping to do and the carts getting pretty full. We still need diapers and wipes.  Adam starts worrying about us buying “too many groceries”….they’re not all going to fit in the cart….or in our car.  Where will we put them.  He insists that we need to go NOW and starts whining and having a mini-fit.  Then he spotted something in the cart…..and his mood did a 180.  He saw JELLY BELLYS.  Now all he could talk about were his great plans to have Jelly Beans after dinner.  “Is that an excellent idea?”  Sure thing kiddoe.  🙂

Do you ever see things when you’re out and about that are alarming and concerning?  Today while waiting to turn left at a light, a motorcycle pulled alongside me and was turning right.  He pretty much rolled through the intersection only slowing to make his turn into traffic.  It was then that I noticed his passenger on the back was not much bigger than Adam.  OMG!!!  Hello, I cannot imagine myself feeling confident enough in my ability to hold on tight to ride a motorcycle.  WTH is that person thinking?  When I was in college, I rode on the back of my RA’s Honda Scooter in the parking lot.  I was scared to death.  Seeing that little girl on the cycle makes me wonder dang….how often is she riding on that thing?  If he puts her on a motorcycle, what other CRAZY choices his he making for her?  Am I overreacting about this??? Overprotective?  To me, better safe than sorry. 

While I was putting the goods away, Adam went upstairs to hang with Steve and Owen in “the boys room”.  I saw Vision Quest was on ESPN, so turned it on.   Matthew Modine was <eh>, but Michael Schoeffling was another story.  Geez, I think he only did that movie and Sixteen Candles.  I totally remember that movie from high school.  It was playing with The Breakfast Club in a rare double feature during spring break.  I went with Tammy Max and Juli.  Stacey B was supposed to go, but her mom wouldn’t let her. LOL   We ended up going over to Stace’s house after the movie and causing a ruckus. LOL  No, nothing bad, just lots of cackling laughter.  I remember we were writing stuff on a napkin….what?  L O N G time ago…but fun to reminesce.  It was funny to watch a movie that I used to think was so good.  The soundtrack is still a goodie.  “Lunatic Fringe,” “Hot Blooded”, “Only the Young”…great roadtrip tunes. 

I forgot to mention something from yesterday.  It still makes me laugh when I think about it.   I have a couple of tomato plants in the back yard.  They are lovely plants and I’ve even gotten tomatoes.  🙂  Now they’re nothing like Slick’s Famous Tomatoes, but hey, they’re MY tomatoes.  So I was out grilling our steaks last night and remembered I had a tomato ready for the picking.  I wanted to pick it, so I did and put it in my pocket.  I got the steaks off the grill and came in the house.  We promptly sat down to eat….Mmm good stuff.  Then I felt something….why are my shorts wet.   Yep, I had forgotten that damn tomato and smashed it IN my pocket.  Am I a complete idiot?  (don’t answer)  Adam was bummed that I’d ruined my prize tomato.  LOL  If I only knew how I could get him to realize that I’m clutzy and absentminded so he wouldn’t be shocked each time I do something like this. LOL 

I’ll try and post some pics for your viewing pleasure.

The boys getting some cuddles with Dad.

The boys getting some cuddles with Dad.

Owen with his new favorite toy....a spoon.

Owen with his new favorite toy....a spoon.

This was taken in our hotel while in So Cal a few weeks ago.
This was taken in our hotel while in So Cal a few weeks ago.


  1. Sorry about the tomato!!

  2. I loved the pictures…they really are great ! I need to see if I am able to save them…will fool around wiht that task tomorrow.

  3. You made me pee about the tomato and going to the movies. I totally remember writing on that napkin! And I still love Lunatic Fringe!

  4. OMG – Owen is such a little chubbity-chubbaroo!

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