Posted by: Becky | August 24, 2008

The Day of Becky

Today was my day to head out by myself.  My big plan was to get a yummy lunch somewhere and then go finish my book.  I’m on book #13 of the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich.  I got a late start…shocked?  Well I’m sure most of you think my middle name is Michelle, well…it’s really LATE.  Sheesh.  I left the house sometime after 1pm.  That wasn’t going to give me much time for lunch and reading, but hey, I’ll take it. 

I went to our favorite Thai place, Orchid Thai.  It’s a lovely restaurant and has been voted the #1 Thai restaurant in the Sacrament area  by KCRA 3 viewers.  Wow….kind of chi-chi for little ol’ Lincoln.  🙂  I had their Pad Thai Woon Sen.  They always ask if you want it mild, med, or spicy….well we always go for spicy.  Oh My! Let me tell you, I went through 3 glasses of diet coke, then she brought me water without me even having to ask.  Becky likes her Pad Thai spicy.  😉  Definitely will have to keep them in mind if I’m ever congested.  I needed to blow my nose, but frown on doing such with cloth napkins.  LOL Nasty! 

After lunch, I snuck home to put the leftovers in the garage frig and headed out to Roseville to my favorite coffee spot, It’s a Grind.  We used to have one here which we loved.  They had this great big oil painting of Johnny Cash.  Adam always loved sitting right by it.  Well it closed down last year quite unexpectedly.  I did find out that it is returning, so we’ll be thrilled to have it back.  Apparently lots of people like MY coffee shop.  There were lots of people inside with their laptops doing work (or maybe moving cars?)  One guy even had some sort of transcribing machine, perhaps a court reporter?  Odd!  I read until I got drowsy.  I thought about nodding off, but then had flashbacks to my college days when napping in the Student Union on a vinyl chair.  I won’t tell you WHAT woke me up(oops!)…..let’s just say I didn’t want a repeat performance in this packed coffee shop.  LOL 

I came  home in time to start dinner.  The boys had all survived my afternoon away.  I went upstairs to see A and O (and S, too).  They like to hang out with Daddy in his office area.  It’s quite the kid-friendly area.  Actually, Adam told me it was the “boys room”….fine with me.  I asked him where my room was and he said downstairs.  How nice that I get the kitchen and laundry rooms.  Hey, at least I have access to a bathroom. 

I had hoped to attempt some pictures tonight, but well, my laptop is having issues.  It sure is handy being married to tech support.  Steve says that I have the Slicton curse.  Us poor Slictons have a hard time keeping our computers healthy.  So tonight I’m working on S’s laptop while he rehabilitates my poor machine.  Hopefully by my next post I’ll be able to share some pictures with you. 

Good night!



  1. Oh, I´ll have to have an afternoon like that soon, it’s a great idea, never thought of it but sounds vital to do it now that I’ve read your blog Becky. Great to see you blog, look forward to more pictures and entries!
    Love to you all from your Icelanders.

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