Posted by: Becky | August 23, 2008

Hello Fans

so I’m hopping on the blog bandwagon.  Well, actually, I’m jumping back on.  I actually started a family blog back in August ’06.  I did one entry….and that was it.  Actually sounds about right for me and writing.  I couldn’t tell you how many diaries, journals, notebooks I have bought with the best of intentions.  Before it was writing for myself, about  myself.  Now it’ll be a little different.  I’ll write about others for others to read. 

I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but I’m hoping it will be a few times per week.  Even if no one else reads this, it’ll be a great record of what’s going on in our family.  This will definitely be the time capsule for Adam and Owen stories.  Hopefully I will even figure out how to share pictures. 

So check back often for updates.  Let me know you stopped by.



  1. Pictures. We want pictures! We want pictures! We want pictures!


  2. I am your biggest fan so far!! Woo Hoo! Can’t wait to hear all you have to say!

  3. Can’t wait to hear about the family.. We are all good here. Got a new little puppy, so taking lots of walks these days… Take care, Chat more later…

  4. Yes, it will have stories, but will it have riddles? Or be able to play I Spy with us?? Those are the REAL Adam stories!!! And will it be interactive, so when we see a pic of Owen, we will get drenched with drool??

  5. Sounds great. I can’t wait to see pictures. Have fun.

  6. Hi Becky, great idea, I’ll be anxiously waiting for Adam’s stories. Could you send some pictures also.
    i will be excited to hear from you.

    Luv A. Sharon

  7. I think this just might work…it just took me a while to figger out how to respond….so “what’s the big day for tomorrow?”

  8. Looking forward to reading more!!

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