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A funny Adam story…

So this a.m. at swim lessons, I noticed that Adam lost a tooth while I was out of town this weekend.  I tried to ask him questions about when it happened and what the Tooth Fairy left for him  🙂 , but he was pretty evasive about the whole topic.  So finally I got him to come clean….

Adam wanted to surprise his dad by pulling his tooth out all by himself.  He got the tooth out, but then had to go to the bathroom.  He <ahem> needed both hands to go pee, so he put the tooth in the toilet and peed. (lolol)  Then, he said the tooth was “too wet” to get out of the toilet (thank GOD!!!), so he flushed it. 

He originally told me that S had helped him get it ready for the tooth fairy.  Then he started crying because he thought we’d be mad that he flushed it.  Then he cried because he thought we’d be mad about the story.  I reassured him that I wasn’t mad.  I was actually laughing hysterically inside.  What a crazy kid.  LOL

Tonight, before bed, I asked again if he wanted to write a letter to the Tooth Fairy explaining the situation, but he didn’t want to.  I’m thinking I might leave a couple of quarters on the toilet lid.  🙂

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Busy Week

Adam’s back in swim lessons this week. Summer sessions are 3 days/week for 3 weeks.  Someone signed him for for lessons at 9am….who would have done such a thing?  🙂  We’ve done well at getting out of the house and arriving ON TIME to lessons.  Woohoooo!!! 

We’ve also enjoyed seeing some friends this week….playdates monday, tuesday, and wednesday!!!  Adam is in heaven.  Today Owen also got a haircut.  Pics to follow.

Steve’s gone on a work trip, a continuation of a project that started 2 weeks ago.  It’s difficult having him gone, but employment is a good thing.

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Movie night

Adam always gets so excited when Netflix envelopes come in the mail.  He thinks they’re for him.  Well he has gotten mvoies for him from netflix, but  mostly his movies are from tv or stuff we’ve bought.  Today I told him we could go to REDBOX (a new video rental machine near home) and get a movie just for him.   I read through the titles and he selected a Scooby Doo dvd with 4 episodes.  So funny.  I told him we would do movie night and get popcorn and have some special lemonade I’d bought at Safeway.  It’s this fancy sparkling lemonade MADE IN FRANCE.  He then wanted to know all about France and where it was.     A:  when can we go to France   Mom:  We’ll go when you’re a teen.    A:  when am I a teen?  M:  you become a teen when you turn 13 and the teen years last til 19.  A: ah man, that’s a long time to wait when you’re starting at 6.  LOL  poor kid.   He really wants to travel and see the world. 

I love that Adam wants to travel and looks forward to vacation time.  He was disappointed when I told him earlier this year that visiting Hawaii wasn’t something we do EVERY summer.  He now is torn between returning to Hawaii, checking out Mexico or the Oregon coast.  Thankfully he has a plan in place to help with our travel budget.  He is going to go on the show WipeOut  and WIN $50ooo.  He’ll use his winnings to take us to Hawaii, oh and a long-awaited trip to New York City.

Travelling with a toddler is super stressful for me, so I don’t see  us hopping on a plane with them for a long while.  It’s fun to daydream about future trips and always fun to have something to look forward to.

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Late July already????

Wow, where has the time gone?  How do I recap what we’ve done since the last post without sounding like a Billy Joel song? 

We’ve had a super fun summer so far.  I can’t believe it’s almost August.  Wow time flies!  where we’ve been? What have we been doing?  Let’s see…..

In June we were on the road a bit.  After Adam wrapped up Kindergarten, he spent some time with Gramma and Grampa.  O and I went to pick him up and met with friends at the park.  Such a great park and nice to see Kerrie and Kaden.  We also headed down to Gilroy to Jennifer and family.  They treated us to a day at Gilroy Gardens….so fun!!! Adam had a blast in their water park area.  In mid June we went to Alameda for Eli’s graduation party.  Wow hard to believe he’s already college-bound.  Way to go Eli!!!  Can’t wait to see what the college years hold for you.

July has been fun-filled.  We headed down to So Cal to celebrate the 4th with Em, Rob and the boys.  It was such a great time….good food, excellent bevs, and GREAT company.  Emily has been Juli’s friend since kindergarten (read: a loooooonnnnnggggg time!!!) and the other gals are long time friends of theirs.  Being a tag-along, I have been an honorary part of their group.  What a fun reunion with Laurie, Stacey and Tam.  Thanks for hosting us B Clan.  🙂   After their visit, we headed to Disneyland.  Adam had been twice before, but he was so young, he didn’t really remember, so it was kind of like his first time.   He had a blast riding so many of the rides.  He’s a thrill-seeker.  Owen did super great.  He’s usually an early to bed kid, but he stayed up later with us as we enjoyed the night time parades and fireworks without much of a fuss.  What a trooper.  The weekend after our return, I got to enjoy a quick overnight in SF with Jennifer.  We had a great time walking around Union Square, people watching and eating GREAT food.  It was nice for us moms to actually get to punch out from our 24/7 mom job for just a little break.  Steve started a big project in NJ that next week.   He was gone for 10 days (getting back last wed) and leaves for another stint in NJ this week.  Wish we could join him, but well cross country travel with a toddler and all his gear just doesn’t sound all that enticing. 

So adam has wanted to have a campout….”I’ve had zero campouts” he keeps saying.  So yesterday, Steve set up the tent outside.  Adam was all excited to finally have a campout.  I was the lucky parent to sleep on the ground…..let’s see how we fare.  Wasn’t sure if Adam would last out there all night.  We got settled in and Adam was quick to doze. Mom, on the other hand, was kept awake by the neighbors long-barking dog.  Then, I kept thinking about the possible critters that could come in the tent.  Let’s see, there was also some groaning/growling/horny cat outside the tent….a grouchy neighbor dog barking….and then my unsettling dreams once I was able to sleep.  I woke at sunrise and could barely get up.  The ground had taken it’s toll on my shoulder and back.  I got up and came inside to the couch and crashed.   Adam slept out there all night.  He loved it, but now wants to go on a campout “out in the woods”  We’ll see.   We definitely need a larger tent.  And the thought of Owen being contained by a tent is laughable.  Even Adam doesn’t think it is possible.  LOL 

To my facebook friends.  My account has been disabled twice.  Apparently they think I post too much, too fast, too often on my wall and my friends walls.  Apparently you can post all the mafia wars crap, results of lame quizzes and pass a buttload of drinks littering up everyone’s news feeds (ya don’t have to Publish those things folks!!!), but to actually use the board features, you know, SOCIAL NETWORKING….you get in trouble.  I hope to be back, but am a bit scared to do so.  If I get my hand slapped again, I could lose my account forever.  In the mean time, I’m keeping a low profile.  I can play games and chat…and have received/sent a few FB email messages. 

Here are some summer pics:

Posted by: Becky | May 21, 2009

Spring Pictures….

Sorry for not posting any updates lately.  Here are some pictures from the last month….


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A busy week

Phew, so relieved to have this busy week behind us.  We’re all looking forward to an enjoyable Spring Break.

Late last week, I had a meeting with the occupational therapist that Adam meets with at school.  He’s been receiving services the last few years due to some issues with gross/fine motor and sensory sensitivities.  Things are going super (woo hoo!) so she wanted to add a therapeutic listening program that we could do at home.  She gave me cds, a disc man, and ginormous headphones.  Adam must listen to the cds twice a day for 30 min at a time.  Mostly it sounds like classical music…but there’s more to it.  He has gotten a bit irritated with the whole process as the week progressed.   I just re-read the plan and see I can change the cd.  So maybe that will help.  🙂  We’re really hopeful that he’s developing some strategies to deal with his heightened awareness of sounds that have been so upsetting to him.  There are things we want to do as a family that we’ve just been avoiding so as to not put him in an upsetting situation (ball games, farmers market w/live music, amusement parks, etc).  One thing that touched my heart this week….we’ve been seeing kids baseball teams practicing or playing games at various parks around town.  Adam has expressed an interest in seeing a game.  Finally he said this to me “mom, I have a wish….I wish we could go back to the baseball game….I won’t be scared this time.”  It just broke me up.  See, a few years ago we all headed out to a Rivercats game on Father’s Day…it is such a beautiful park and a perfect outing for dad’s day.  Well before we even got in the park, A was bothered by the PA announcements.  As we got closer, we found out it was COW BELL DAY….crap.  He  was so upset by all of the “noise”.  A lovely stadium employee saw that he was in distress and got us to first aid for ear plugs…but they didn’t fit.  Needless to say we didn’t stay for the game.  He did play in the kidszone, but we left very early on.  😦  So for him to say he wants to go back and that he won’t be scared…well it just touched my heart.  STeve and I talked about the two of them going…no big whoop-di-do…just a boy and his dad going to a game.  Will call ahead to make sure it isn’t COW BELL DAY. 

On Tuesday Owen turned 15 mos old! 🙂  He also had his well child visit and shot appt.  Poor kid, HATES the dr office.  We no sooner got into the exam room when he started SCREAMING…..waaay loud, and it continued for the rest of the visit.  I told the Dr. ‘believe it or not, this is a WELL child visit ‘…he couldn’t even hear me.  LOL  They were able to get him weighed and measured.  He continues to be an over acheiver on the growth chart.  O’s now 28.5 lbs and 33 inches long.  He’s in the 90+% for both.  🙂  Poor kid got two shots….kept screaming.  Got home and went to sleep, til I woke him to take A to school….came home and nibbled  a bit…went back to sleep til I had to p/u A at school and go to swim lessons.  UGH, not a good day to take him inside the swimming tent.  Poor kid.  After swim, I put him down again for what I thought would be a nap. at 4:15….well he ended up sleeping til 7a.m.  WOW he must have been wiped out.  Shots, crabbiness and that darn teething will do it to a kid.  Sometimes it’s tough being a toddler. 

Steve was gone this week to Colorado.  He worked long days for the client and was able to get home by Friday at lunch.  Sounds like he did a super job as he already received a glowing letter from the client.  🙂  Oh and he got to meet his boss and another colleague as they were located in the same area as this project.  Sounds like they had a nice time visiting and were happy to put faces to voices after all this time.

Oh my spring flowers are so lovely.  Even though this pesky wind keeps hammering at them, they still look lovely.  I have several different shades of tulips in bloom.  I’ll try to get a picture before they wither or blow away.  Oh that reminds me….we were outside this week and Adam started talking about my tulips.  He said, “you have red tulips, right mom?”  I said “yes, and yellow, and purple and even some that are yellow w/red.”  He said, “oh yeah….I wrote about them in my journal and drew a picture.”  GOD he is just a treasure.  🙂  I can’t wait to see that journal!!!

I’ll share some pics from the week.  I  had to take Adam’s picture while doing his listening exercises.  She said he could color, read, draw, etc.  He decided he wanted to read one of his dictionaries.  He reads the word and sample sentence on EVERY page.  Today it was the “a” section.  Owen wasn’t the happiest camper this week, but I did catch him with his feet on the table.  We’ve kind of retired his high chair at breakfast and lunch.  The boys love sitting together at the table.  O just needs to work on his manners.  LOL  He’ll be scratchin’ and burpin’ before too long.  OY!!!  Oh and I also caught Basco in a funny spot.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him moving.  I looked over and he was giving himself a bath IN the entertainment center.  LOL  Like most performers, he didn’t appreciate the flash photography. 

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A great day!!!

Saturday was a perfect day.  On Saturdays Steve has his gaming session for a few hours, so the boys and I got out of the house.  The weather was perfect, so we walked over to Subway for lunch.  Well, Owen and I walked….Adam RAN!  It was a perfect day for a walk.  Owen loves riding in the stroller and even didn’t mind when we stopped at the sandwich shop.  Maybe it was cuz he was hungry.  He and Adam split a $5 foot-long 😉  Owen ate half of his half…not bad for a toddler.  We headed for home to have a choc chip cookie treat.  I have found the BEST cookie recipe online  and promised Adam I would bake them while he slept for us to enjoy on the weekend. 

After our cookie treat, I put O down for his nap and headed out to the garage.  With this nice weather I was needing to find some spring/summer clothes for the little man to wear.  Thankfully we’ve kept all of A’s clothes, so I just needed to FIND the tub.  Well….there was a lot of “stuff” in the garage, so I got busy clearing and tossing stuff in the garbage.  .   Adam was excited at the chance to play outside, so while I was mucking out the garage, he played soccer and t-ball.  He’s getting quite good and hit the ball over the fence into our backyard a few times.  I was able to get rid of a bunch of stuff and Viola!!!  I found the tub of clothes.  Interestingly, Owen’s in 2T clothes about 9 mos before Adam was.  I was so grateful to find shorts and t-shirts in the tub.  SCORE!!! 

After the garage we headed to the back yard.  I’d pruned back some of my bushes/plants last week, but never got the trimmings into the greens can, so I really needed to get back there and get busy.  And with the bunny coming in two short weeks, we need to get it presentable for pictures.  😉  Adam was excited to get some backyard playtime.  The pool sure was looking nice (much improved from last week’s mosquito hatchery), so I asked Adam if he wanted to swim.  He jumped at the chance!!!  He ran inside to get his suit and goggles, ran back outside and jumped in.  It was FREEZING!!!  He played for a bit diving for his Super Friends toys, but finally had to get out with his chattering teeth.    He did love it, but boy it must have been chilly water….much colder than the 92 degrees at swim lessons. 

I’m so glad we had such a great day yesterday since today ended up being soooo blustery.  The pool is a mess with leaves and twigs, the lawn chairs bobbed along the yard all day.  While I was out today, I saw a large tree had blown down on a house.  It looks pretty bad.  I hope no one was hurt.  I hate wind…always have.  It is supposed to last through the night.  YUCK!!! 


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Twice in one week :)

I’m hoping to post more often, so here I am.  I even have a few pics to share from this week.  

We had a nice week and are glad to have Steve home for the weekend.  He got back from Alaska early Fri a.m. and leaves for San Antonio on Monday.  Adam sure misses his dad when he’s gone.  He told him “I missed you for 4 days.”  😦 

I’ve been trying a lot of new recipes lately.  Last night I made marinated flank steak.   I came <> to having the smoke alarm(s) go off AGAIN.  While you grill the steak, you’re supposed to cook the marinade so it can be used as a dipping sauce.  Well I  had it boiling away…and then I noticed it was like molten lava and was smoking like crazy.  I ran the pot outside and opened the windows.  Thankfully it wasn’t a cold rainy day like the most recent episodes with the damn smoke alarms.  Now I’m just realizing that the pot is STILL sitting out there.  oops.  Sally homemaker I am not. 

Oh something very cool happened yesterday…. I met up with a college friend who I hadn’t seen for some 16 yrs or so.  I found her on Facebook and she and I live in the same area…well kind of.  She works near here, so we were able to meet up.  It was so great to see her.  We talked and talked and talked.  We were there for over 2 hours ’til I picked up my cell phone and checked the time.  In a panic I said “uh is this the REAL time????”  (2:51)  and Suz confirmed that it was.  We both were late getting our kids at school.  oooops  We departed without so much as a hug or photo.  I wanted to get a pic of us together.  Well next time, we will have to do just that. 

I was worried about A’s reaction to my being late.  He gets so upset being the last one…even when he’s not truly last.  I was embarrassed about being so late getting him and hoped that I hadn’t kept his teacher from starting her weekend.  ARGH, sooooo late on a FRIDAY, not good.  I got there, and A had been put to work.  He’d helped wipe off tables and stacked the chairs.  He was quite stoic when I walked in the door basically just getting after me for being so late.  The tears started once we got home.  😦  

We promised A a new bike for his birthday.   We wanted him to have a chance to pick out/sit on the bike, so we didn’t get it for him before his birthday.  When we went to TRU the night of his birthday, they were pretty picked over.  I think they hadn’t really replenished their inventory since Christmas and really how many do they need in Jan/Feb?  Well on a recent trek to Costco, I spotted some flashy red bikes ( They had some adult bikes there, too….I just may go back and get myself a bike, too). You know how things come/go quickly from Costco, well I just hoped they’d still have them in stock when S could get it.  I was there this past week and saw there were several still available, so we were in luck.  Today was bike day we all went to Costco to pick up A’s wheels!!!  We’ll have to get a training wheel kit as he’s not ready for 2 wheels just yet, but I’ve looked online and they’re available all over.   So we’ll get the boy set up so he can get riding. 

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with some special friends.  We all went through fertility treatments at the same clinic….and all ended up with babies.  We haven’t been able to get together as much since there are so many kiddies in the group, but we’re doing it tomorrow.  When we first started meeting, it was a bit depressing.  I had A and one of the girls was pg….but the rest had very little success and it all was so discouraging.  Now we have toddlers, babies, and pg mommies-to-be expecting their next child(ren).  Should be a great afternoon. 

I wanted to share some pics from the week.  One is Adam with his Leprechaun trap.  The kids in his class were asked to bring their traps by Friday.  Each kid shared their trap with the class the day it was brought in.  Adam brought his to share on Thursday.  I asked him how his friends liked his trap (of course they loved it). Then, I asked him who’s turned out the best.  He said “well, mine did!”  LOL   Oh and another picture is Adam and Buddy Bear.  Buddy is a take-home friend from kindergarten.  Adam got to bring him home earlier in the month. He has a backpack filled with clothes, books, a journal, etc.  Buddy comes to spend the night, then the family gets to journal the time spent with Buddy.  It is such a treat for the kids.  Adam loves it and is so excited when it is his day with Buddy.  We’ve had him 3 times so far.  Take note of the red jacket in the picture…we bought that for him at Target.  It’s a pet jacket.  LOL   I thought it was too cute to pass up and was in the $1 stuff section. 



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Been a while

Thought I’d share some pics since I haven’t posted in ages.  Will need to update on Adam’s birthday and party as well as updates on Owen and the rest of the fam.

Adam turned 6 on Feb 5th.  I picked him up from school and we headed to Starbucks for a hot chocolate treat.  Adam gets the kids hot cocoa…a bargain at $1.10.  I love the salted caramel hot choc.  Mmmm

He wanted to go to Mikuni for sushi (and to spin their birthday wheel).  We don’t really go out to dinner much as it’s a difficult time for Owen.  Well, it went great!!! 

We had his party that following weekend.  Boy was it fun.  We invited all of his classmates to a bounce house place for 2 hours of a FUN!!!  Of course Adam turned into a sweat ball almost immediately. 

Owen’s been growing like crazy.  He’s now walking, got FOUR molars, and had his first haircut.  Such a big boy.


Adam’s really doing well with swimming lessons.  He got a ribbon last week for treading water for 2 minutes. Woo hoo.  Yesterday, we did the back stroke the length of the pool.  So proud!!!  He also continues to astound us with his reading.  He is loving the encyclopedias that grampa got for  him (and owen) and is anxious to read ALL volumes COVER TO COVER.  In anticipation of St. Patrick’s Day, we’ve been working on a Leprechaun trap.  Of course now that we’re almost finished (waiting for glue/glitter to dry) he’s concerned that it isn’t REALLY going to work.  LOL 

Can’t believe it is already daylight savings time.  While I do enjoy the add’l daylight, it sure has been a problem with O’s naps.  He sleeps in a bit later than usual, so that delays nap time….then the running around to/from school gets in the mix and he gets like 30 min of sleep during the day.  By dinner time he’s just desperate for some crib time.  Last night when I was carrying him up to bed, he actually started clapping when we walked in his room.  He must have fallen fast asleep as when I checked up on him before I went to bed,he was still covered up. 

Steve’s on the road this week and next.  This week, up in Alaska.  I told him to ship us some crab and salmon. Mmmm  Next week it’s off to San Antonio.  Adam misses him when his dad is travelling, but he’s getting better about talking on the phone…which is nice for both parties.  🙂 

I guess that’s about it for now.  Thanks for checking in…

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Funny stuff this week…

So Adam’s birthday is next week.  I have been trying to get info from him so we can make his day super special….what does he want? his response:  “mom, birthdays are supposed to be a surprise”   what kind of cake?  “mom, it’s supposed to be a surprise!”  Where do you want to go for dinner?  You guessed it…. “it’s supposed to be a surprise”  LOL  funny kid.  I finally got him to tell me WHITE CAKE (cuz vanilla’s my favorite) w. YELLOW frosting (cuz yellow’s my favorite color).  I didn’t want to lead him on ideas for dinner out…but he came up with sushi on his own.  I don’t mind…as sushi is right at the top of my list of favorite foods.  The funny thing is, while A’s tried a few different rolls….his typical dinner at sushi is edamame (soy beans) and rice with sauce (soy sauce).  He thinks it is divine….and loves his “sushi”.  I’m hoping we are able to swing it.  O’s been a bit of a crab after his afternoon naps this week. 

This week, we took the stomp rockets out to the park again. It ended up being the COLDEST afternoon all week…brrr.  Those darn rockets are sooo fun.  Even O loves them while watching from the stroller.  We set up the little launch tube at the top of the park and pointed down towards the grassy area.   I said it was cold, but it was also pretty breezy/windy.  Well the wind must have helped “launch” the rockets….one soared across the street and to the top of a neighboring house.  I swear I was peeing.  It was so funny.  Adam got upset that we lost one of the rockets.  Steve said it was “his” and that he’d no longer play for the day.  Adam was so cute trying to comfort steve “sorry you lost your rocket, dad”.   I then proceeded to launch mine across the street on the neighboring house’s lawn (this was after an attempt to take it easy).  You definitely need space for these babies. 

Owen finally got his 8th tooth this week.  I think he’s still working on molars, as he’s got maor faucet mouth. Poor kid.  When we get the pain managed, he’s quite the love.  This week while I was feeding him lunch, I was playfully winking at him.  Well he squinched (I know that isn’t a word) his little eyes closed to “wink” at me.  Such a little love bug.  Today I was talking to him when he was eating lunch.  I put my hand out to him, he grabbed it with both of his little hands and pulled it to his cheek.  It was so sweet.   The monster boy can melt mamma’s heart.  And by monster, I mean that in a nice way.  He is just sooo busy.  We have a tub between our chair and couch as a sort of gate…he will head-butt it til it budges enough to get out…then he makes a beeline to the playroom.  oh another thing he did this week:  He had a dirty diaper before naptime, so I was changing him.  I had his legs up and reached over to get the new diaper…well he reached down, grabbed the dirty one out from under his bum and swung it around.  Thankfully it wasn’t one of the “milk dud” diapers that he’s been having. OMG.  Of course he thought it was great. 

Last week I met up with some girlfriends for a fab fondue night.  It was so great!!!  I’ve known most of the gals for a while, but had gotten better acquainted with them over the last several months on FB.  It was such a great night….excellent food, drink AND company.  🙂  Tomorrow night, I’m going out with a group of ladies for a night out.  I don’t exactly know everyone that is going, but know a decent number of them.  We’re having a nice dinner with possible plans to go out for cocktails and dancing afterwards.  WoW, plans two weekends in a row???  I rarely go out with friends…we’re talking maybe a couple times/year….so this is BIG. 

No plans for “the big game”.  I’m going to make up some fondue…that’s about it.  Just can’t really get into it this year.  We’ll watch, but eh, not interested.  Would prefer a Raiders/Lions Super Bowl.  LMAO  (yes juli that was for your benefit!!!)

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